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🇭🇰 Hong Kong's 'Occupy Central' activists handed prison terms | Al Jazeera English

Leaders of the “Occupy” democracy movement in Hong Kong have been jailed on public nuisance charges.
Their protests in 2014 lasted almost three months and brought Hong Kong to a virtual standstill as hundreds of thousands of people blocked roads, demanding open elections.
Nine activists appeared for sentencing in court on Wednesday.
Al Jazeera’s Ijeoma Ndukwe reports.

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  1. Teach your youngsters to compete, to innovate, and to modernize. Look at your neighbor 1.4 billion population. Ripe, rich and ready for harvest to do business.Teach your youngsters in street demonstration for personal agenda? No wonder your tiny island heading towards living in small cubicles in future with many shortchanges in learning after paying huge sum of money in education by their parents. Practically all countries of the world look at your huge neighbor to reap future dividends in development on housing, health care and education. Gone are the ways of colonial thinking. Give a thought for your young generation. Not running in packs on the streets to get personal agenda to be heard. They should be finding ways how to be enrich themselves and to integrate in a richer and more advance and progressive society.

  2. Hong Kong is ore biscuit of the East.
    Hong Kong you are Chinese.

  3. Hong Kong Activities should get kicked with their rubbish Democratic process is under the carpet !!

  4. Democracy this and democracy that, these are paid actors by the CIA to destabilize HK, these convicts didn't even apologize to the HK ppl who they claimed to fight for, they rather making a long prepared speech in ENGLISH to their paying customers instead. 99% of HKers actually cheered for their imprisonment.

  5. You can be chinese without being a China citizen !!! There are Singaporean-Chinese, Malaysian-Chinese , Indonesian-Chinese , Taiwan-Chinese , American-Chinese & etc. Free Hong Kong !!!

  6. 这群暴民危害香港安全,必须严惩

  7. They really think democracy makes a difference, my country as democracy and all we vote in are liers and thief, worst the economy ain't no good

  8. yeah they need to get rid of that democracy and the off shore shadow banking system that the brits started in hong kong, then maybe people would be able afford some of those cubicles they have for homes over there.

  9. Hong Kong government are too kind these western dog should be given the death penalty for instigating Chinese to fight and kill among themselves in the name of American evil democracy these western dogs are trying to be more white and democracy than the American

  10. china end pakistan good brother

  11. US sponsor them (Confirmed by US govt.)
    They speak English is because the Camera.
    Check what will happen if you do this in US, Occupy Wall Street, years ago.
    The Hong Kong citizens support the Hong Kong government to put them in Jail.
    But the court is still controlled by UK.

  12. At least they spoke English instead of Cantonese!

  13. I support these nine individuals.

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