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🇭🇳🇺🇸Poverty is the reason Hondurans flee to the US l Al Jazeera English

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The United States military is deploying more than 5,000 troops – including armed soldiers – to the border with Mexico.
It is part of President Donald Trump’s campaign to stop a so-called caravan of Central Americans from crossing into the US.
Many of the asylum seekers set out from Honduras just over two weeks ago.
Honduras ranks among the poorest nations in the world, where 6 in 10 homes are subject to extreme poverty. A majority of families that live in [this] shanty town in the city of San Pedro Sula, have limited access to clean water, electricity, or medical attention … One of the biggest obstacles to addressing this level of underdevelopment is violence.
Al Jazeera’s Manuel Rapalo reports from San Pedro Sula.

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  1. THen why do they continue to breed like rabbits?

  2. BS!! Fattest women seen, either pregnant it others not eating grass! Stop the bleeding heart syndrome,! Money from U. S. not given to country!! BS on lame excuses!!

  3. And, the origins of the poverty??
    Marxism and socialism!! Stay home and revolt against your own gov't! You are NOT getting in the U.S.!

  4. Migrating doesn't help it doesn't resolve the solution nor the problem back in their countries it stays the same nothing changes they should be protesting making nosie within their country defending theirs and other people's rights the Next Generation after them but no instead of that their showing them to flee to not fight!!! Let's not forget our American history we've come a long way.. We fought for our rights we fought for change.. Honduras needs to do the same we can't fight everybody's battles!!

  5. ECONOMIC MIGRANTS. Go back to Mexico.

  6. So this means all Africans should migrate to US

  7. Haha, Trump companies back to the usa is not going to help, i can already see more of these poor people coming to the USA . Soon Mexico Brazil all will make there way to the USA. Because for years USA companies were there creating jobs in there countries. Now Trump is forcing the companies back to the USA. They will lose there jobs & pack there bags migrate to the USA . Lol

  8. There are homeless in the US and Mexico,why this countries have to give preferences to you over their own citizens, why they dont take responsability instead of just looking for handouts

  9. We don't want them here in the US.

  10. If this is true, then why deny to stay in Mexico, why try to come here? Why not fight at home? Death before dishonor is how we are free, not because we asked for it. We fight and die for freedom.

  11. Let's also face the fact these people will have dirty and terrible jobs in the United States, but at least they can live longer.

  12. whitey gonna raise my kids!

  13. Capitalism orders free circulation of materials, capital and labour, if usa citizens havent developed theirselves yet, they are not ready to climb social ledder

  14. a bad economy is not a valid grounds for applying for asylum.

  15. Just because they poor it doesn't give them right to immigrate to USA and if they really want then they can go to neighbouring countries like Panama,Costa Rica , Colombia and other latin American countries.

  16. Honduras is almost as old as the US yet it ended up being very poor.

  17. See capitalism works, those Venezuelans flee the socialist poverty.

  18. Please come to American, we have plenty of jobs and food for everyone. God Bless, they'll arrive just in time for Christmas.

  19. Isn’t China now the world’s largest economy and one of the richest, according to many economists and financial experts. These same people predicted that USA will collapse with TRUMP as the USA President, including AL JAZEERA.

    So by logic, all “poor” people from “poor” countries should migrate and exodus to CHINA , correct ?

    China is the world economic superpower , hahaha

  20. To all the Americans who hate immigrants know this, you live on occupied territory.
    The real natives were raped, massacred and systematically exterminated by your Christian ancestors.
    You people have no History or Culture.
    And you cry when people settle in the US.

  21. God bless all people of World 🙏🙋

  22. I bet many Will turn to prostitution once in Usa🤔🤔🤔

  23. What is the cause of poverty? Corruption. The whole system is corrupted. They don't have leaders they have thieves.

  24. Show me the rich side also let me be the judge

  25. Murder capital or the world and can't feed themselves.

  26. Meaning ppl from all over this planet who are living from poor countries can flood to the US too?????? This is unacceptable

  27. if the people are fed up then do something about it in their country to make their country great instead of most of the population fleeing , honduras will always stay the same because there will be nobody there to make change and the government will stay the same and gangs will continue . running away from the problem is not going to fix honduras , honduras has potential , if those people even care about their own country . all the educated left honduras and migrated to the US legally awhile ago and created a brain drain in honduras

  28. The US doesn't care for a nation without any resources to it's own advantage. If by chance Putin wants to help Honduras, the US will use all it's might to stop him. This is the real US !!

  29. blame the corrupt government, this is why nation fail. and what are they gonna do when they reach US? they dont have homes. am i suppose to open my house let them sleep in, eat and live with me? NO! cuz eventually social problems will rise and they aint my problems or USA .

  30. Wtf every country has poverty more or less that doesn't mean u go to someone else place in mobs and steal there jobs with low pay.

  31. every one living in america came from poor countries, from the time of when usa was formed, Usa is a land where poor people from all over the world came and live the American life.
    why did trumps wives trumps ancestors move to usa? ofc bcos of poverty. Same as each and every singles americans and their ancestors.

  32. What did their gov't do with the money the US has already sent them all this time?

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