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🇭🇳 Hundreds demand Honduran president’s resignation amid mass exodus | Al Jazeera English

Hundreds of people gathered in Tegucigalpa to demand the resignation of Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez, amid a mass exodus of Hondurans in a caravan headed for the United States.

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  1. There's enough of them to fix their own government.

  2. John W… now you feel the pinch if being invaded
    So… force the Americans out of Syria Iraq n Afghanistan 😁😁😁😢😤

  3. First, MIDDLE EAST

    Second, AFRICA

    Now, venezuela and honduras



  4. They need to take all that energy and do something about the President ,It's not the land it's the people.

  5. Hondurans must show peoples solidarity to overthrow the government when election comes

  6. Disliking US foreign policy or political intervention to distabilize countries is NOT "Hating America"

  7. These people are mostly descendants of the native peoples of the Americas. White people's borders have no business stopping them in their own land.

  8. The army needs to shoot any of them who storm the border

  9. You're supposed to fight and die for change in your country. Come to America you'll have poor people here waiting to rob you

  10. America, America, America. Again, again and a again hmmmm

  11. If their president is a bad guy, then why not gather all these people in front of his palace and demand his resignation, you cannot fix your country by running away from it. I support refugees, but these are not genuine refugees but economic migrants, real refugees fleeing persecution and wars don't look so good and don't act so arrogant. Go take on your President, kick him out, give some sacrifices, in my home country, the people all came out and demanded a US backed President step down and he did.

  12. In a country of millions, hundreds call for resignation ???? In America there are millions want Trump to resign.

  13. Well Mexico is paying for the "broken pieces"… The Mexican Army should act NOW stoping all these migrantes that are entering Mexico violently, just watch the images this noon, Sunday October 28, 2018 how these thugs broke Guatemalan cross border with Mexico, act now or will regret later

  14. Pues si, pero mexico que culpa tiene, ya es hora de que El Ejercito Mexicano actue conforme a derecho DEFENDER A MEXICO CONTRA ESTA INVASION extranjera violenta…..

  15. Not going to happen hes a US puppet.

  16. This must be the ultimate projection of certain white people's phobia of brown people lol it's like seeing their nightmares on video lol

  17. If you got no economy, just walk illegally into another and take there support services.

  18. Dont understand why we have to feel sorry for all those people..they were eating ,living ok in honduras ..poor but still fine..why go so far to give problems to USA..mad people..even they take children to get in..

  19. go back home we dont want you here in America, have a revolution and make changes in you country

  20. How is Mexico going to respond to this new caravans will they just let in caravans once a week

  21. I wonder where Americans would go if gangs were killing their children, banks were evicting them from their homes, and they couldnt find jobs to support their familes. Mexico already has a serious problem of illegal elderly americans.,the unproductive sector and drain to the american system who cant afford to live in their own country. Geez! at least these people look young, strong and productive, they have something to offer to america in return.

  22. USA has the right to defend its territory, security and sovereignty by all means.

  23. bring your gun,s =amigos =american loved thier=gun,s=lol=allah akbar

  24. Let us US citizens take away the Asylum law and all our problems will be fixed

  25. How is their problems a u.s. citizen problem you guys need to go find some place and make it your own but not here in the US we have enough of you here

  26. Trump declared that he will not allow those hobos in. why they are still walking? he will keep his word. Trump's popularity with his voter-base depends on it. the nationalism wave is unstoppable.

  27. Always getting blame for jewish crimes. Central America needs to get woke.

  28. Qatar should take those loosers considering it is so sensitive to their fate.

  29. Umer Zafar Tarar is not an Arab or Muslim. He is using a fake name just to creat a problem. Please report this guy to Google or better yet to the FBI.

  30. Houndorans are responsible for their own country and not United States, they adopted their failure socialist policies .At any cost they shouldn't be allowed in United States and they are not entitled to enter into United States .

  31. Just bring in the army an shoot them all

  32. Central American countries are violent shitholes now they wanna export that culture further north? Heck no no no.

  33. The gringos don't put your president?who put on your President are the Honduran voters, not the USA.Stop, blaming the USA.

  34. What a mess… You just don't invade other people's country. If you try that in my country, you will feel sorry forever lol

  35. But Costa Rica is a well of country relatively speaking and they talk the same language,why not go there?

  36. These Hondurans should try Europe instead

  37. They should all pack up and head for the USA.

  38. Another country should follow Honduras, US screwed many countries they should accept migrants then. They said If you can't beat them just join them.

  39. Take out Hernandez. Running to the US means you're jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Make America And Israel Great Again 2018!

  40. The powers that be are REAPING what they have sewn.

  41. Imagine what all these ''usa haters'' will do once they are in our cities and towns and streets…go and stay in your own country.

  42. Filipinos should do the same to mass murderer and drug lord Duterte

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