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🇭🇺Immigration ‘not a human right’: Hungary FM on EU criticism l Talk to Al Jazeera

In an unprecedented move against a member state, the European Parliament has triggered Article 7 of the EU’s governing treaty meant to protect its core principles: human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights, including minority rights.

The EU accuses the Hungarian government led by Prime Minister Viktor Orban of breaching those values by passing anti-refugee laws, manipulating the media, disregarding government corruption and removing independent judges.

Hungary has taken a harsh stance on refugees and migrants since the 2015-2016 migration crisis. It was the first country to erect barbed wire fences at the borders and went on to pass laws aimed at deterring migrants from attempting transit through its territory or from seeking asylum in Hungary.

The decision to trigger Article 7 followed Hungary’s ongoing refusal to comply with mandatory migrant quotas put in place by the EU and came two weeks after Hungarian authorities stopped food distribution for rejected asylum seekers being held in transit zones on the country’s border with Serbia.

Budapest denies the accusations and defends its policies. But with EU Parliament elections scheduled to take place in May 2019, could the divisions that have been exposed lead to political change across the EU? And what is next for Hungary and Europe?

“We are not violating them [EU core values],” Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto told Al Jazeera.

“The report which was pushed through the European Parliament has a list of 69 points, 69 accusations against Hungary out of which 13 points have been totally agreed upon by the European Commission and the government … and there are 37 points which are qualified lies …” he said, adding that the vote against Hungary involved “cheating” because abstentions were not counted.

Hungary could potentially get stripped off its EU voting rights, but according to Szijjarto, “the Polish government and Czech prime minister have made it clear that they will veto any sanctions against Hungary.”

He believes that the “EU needs to undergo some reforms” and when asked about different visions for Europe and global governance, Szijjarto said “when the French president speaks about multilateralism and then I look at his European policies, I am a little bit concerned because the measures he would like to see in the European Union would be rather unfavourable for Hungary … And his [Macron’s] vision for Europe when it comes to migration, social issues, taxation, economic issues is totally showing to another direction compared to our vision for the future.”

Szijjarto said Hungary has been accused of being nationalistic many times. “We are a country which will never give up the right to make the decision about the future of Hungary on our own. We will never give up the right to make a decision with whom we would like to live together in our country … whom we would like to let enter the territory of our country – and whom we don’t.”

“We will always be a nation of freedom fighters. We don’t like colonialism. Sometimes when the French foreign minister or the French president speaks about Hungary, they speak as if we were a colony … So, I think mutual respect is what is lacking from the global set of foreign policies currently.”

In response to criticism of Hungary’s tough stance on refugees Szijjarto said: “We have sealed off the green border. So the only way you can enter the country is the legal way … My question is whether … anyone could show me any point in international relations which could say that you have the right to wake up in the morning, pick a country you would like to live in and, in order to get there, violate a series of borders.”

“It’s not a human right … My question is how you can be a refugee and violate the borders of five or six safe countries.”

Szijjarto denies allegations that Prime Minister Orban has selected judges friendly to his government and that the prime minister channelled public and EU development funds to projects run by family members and friends in Lake Balaton.

“It’s simply a lie that the prime minister uses public funds for private reasons,” he said. “It’s simply a lie. I have to reject that and it’s really a scandal that such kind of things can be said, to be honest.”

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  1. er ist mein gewählter Minister .. ausgezeichnet. he is my elected minister .. excellent.

  2. I say move the UN right next door to the EU. That way the smell will only be in one place.

  3. What can I say? I think, Hungarian find a new PM – after Orban, of course :-). Very, very smart guy. I wish You, mr. Szijjarto, good luck, lots of patience and much more courage. Go on!!!!

  4. I don't know the age of this interview. In the light of the Saudi torture of a journalist in one of their embassies. Listen to this British hypocrite spew his bile. The US and Briton are two of the foremost supporters of Saudi Araba, a nation who have beheaded more opponents than ISIS. This presenter has the gall to conduct this interview. One of the main reasons for Brexit was the immigration crisis foisted upon the UK by that corrupt cesspool called the EU. How many refugees are Middle Eastern countries taking in? How many of these refugees are Christian or of other religion? Less than 10%!

  5. Sovereignty is what makes a nation a nation. Globalist bagel eaters will not take away our freedoms!

  6. Lengyel,magyar-ket jo barat,egyutt harcol ,s issza borat …SLAVA to Hungary 👊😎 , excuse my Hungarian writing ….


  8. Mr Szijjarto, you are a man of great integrity and intelligence. The people of Hungary must be extremely proud of you, and your Premier, Mr Orban. You are both patriots, men of honour and courage. Please, never submit to the bullies, keep showing the rest of the world what real statesmanship looks like.

  9. why do Qatar, Saudi Arabia or United Arab Emirates don't take the so called refugees?

  10. God bless Hungary and the beautiful, wonderful Hungarians !

  11. Mr. Bays is a joke. Plus not a good one.

  12. White Genocide is the elephant in the living room.

  13. hungary should be punished for not supporting the boycott of that certain country.

  14. Islam must be banned all over Europe.

  15. iran should punish youre nation:bouyaaaa.

  16. So the final question/statement was about how now with this report (that the foreign minister explained contains loads of lies) that Hungary wouldn’t be accepted into the Union…didn’t he get the report was full of deceptive points?

  17. Funny thing, in Hebrew the EU told Israel to purge the Palestinians.


  19. LOL Katar TV lectures a country about democracy .The joke of the century.

  20. Stupid Europeans letting Islamic terrorists in their countries. Islam equals terrorism.

  21. we hate immigration, we start wars and initiate regime changes, then we complain about immigrants coming to our countries. we bully third world countries, continue and support neocolonialist policies, engage in unfair trade practices, then complain immigrants looking for better lives and jobs in West. there is so much hypocrisy with Western thinking.

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  23. God bless Hungary and Eastern Europe.

  24. modifying the orginal words of people , shameless fake news. and how many refugees you have taken , Qatar? how are you treating the foreign laber? why are there so many deaths in your contruction projects for FIFA world cup?

  25. No! No! No! We don't want to take part in that! lmaof

  26. From now, Korean tourists should visit Hungary for experiences of Europe. No more garbage France, England group tour plans, please.

  27. I wish someone had told the Europeans that illegally immigrated to the Americas about this!

  28. We have a well-funded government with well-paid public employees and yet we have 22 million people inside our borders who shouldn't be here. How is this immense failure of government possible? Taxpayers should be enraged by the simultaneous high cost of government and the incompetence of government.

  29. I'm a card carrying globalist. But I can't stand the slimy establishment that is now being challenged everywhere through democratic means. No one has ever had a debate, or used proper democratic channels, regarding mass replacement immigration in Europe! No one is strong-arming non-Western countries, many of which are now very rich, into this part of globalism. So it also has an element of extreme unfairness and hypocrisy as well. This issue will surely tear apart the EU if it doesn't moderate it's stance to make sure the indigenous populations are not replaced (aka genocide). One day, I am convinced that the world will be rich, democratic and national borders will melt away. But for now, and in these circumstances, Hungary is on the right side of history, just as they were when they defied communism.

  30. Send animals back home to Africa or Arabia

  31. It’s a shame they are punishing Hungary and Poland for not allowing Islam and the blacks take over the their country. They haven’t had one terrorist attack

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  33. Europeans deserve a place to live, they built the modern world.

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  35. this foreign minister is brilliant. well done Hungary. Dont be pushed around by other criminal elements in the EU

  36. HUNGARY nobody wants them they are very poor country in eastren uerope even hungarinians are allways been deported from germany sweden so why they talk too.much if they dont obey eu rules then their also refugees have to believe

  37. Of course immigration is not a human right, historically it never has been and most countries outside the EU asset this historical right to control the integrity of their borders. The EU obviously has an agenda and is trying to bully Hungary into complying with that agenda. Anyone who thinks otherwise is not facing the facts.

  38. I also live in Hungary . Its true, that the majority of hungarians oppose illegal immigration. Otherwise , Sargentini is correct. She is right, that Orbans relatives and friends receive too many governement contracts, and public TV and radio broadcast is 90 % Orban propaganda. As the minister says the result of the last election was 49 % for the governement 51% against. For every statement that this man makes, there is an other hungarian saying exactly the opposite. Watching this video you only learn what the governement wants you to know. Its propaganda so its totally irrelevant.

  39. Western Europa full of Islam violence. Hungary and East EU no islam problems. Simpel.

  40. The French will gladly take all the migrants, asylum seekers and refugees they are a welcoming warm and generous people and the French have a plenty of wealth so they don't mind if you need alot of government benefits.
    The French Taxpayers love helping everybody

  41. They want only the benefits of being a member, or what are they waiting to leave the union?

  42. has the right to protect the citizens of hungary
    you only have to look at france

    i don't know. i just said that
    I'm from hungary

  43. Every country has a right to take actions they think will benefit their own country. We might not agree with it, but it’s their right.

  44. Long live Hungary! Down with the cursed EU!!!

  45. Bravo Hungary!!! Mr. FM, you've done a great job in answering those important topics that your country is facing. Fantastic!!!

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