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🇭🇺Thousands in Hungary protest PM Viktor Orban’s ‘slave law’ | Al Jazeera English

Thousands of people protested in the capital city of Hungary, Budapest, against a controversial new labour law and the rule of right-wing Prime Minister Viktor Orban.
The protest, called “Merry Xmas Mr Prime Minister”, was the fourth and biggest demonstration in a week by leftist opposition parties, student groups, trade unions and ordinary people against the nationalist government.

Al Jazeera’s Rory Challands reports.

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  1. Hihetelen, hogy ebben a világban hogy megy a félrevezetés és ebben ez az al jazerra is megtesz illetve részt vesz. Ha vette volna a fáradtságot és elolvasta volna a törvénytervezetet vagy meghalgatta volna Orbán Viktort , akkor de csak akkor tudná mi az igazság. Ennek hiányában ez is csak egy provokáció, és kész. ….

  2. Zionist puppets having a party how to take down Orban.

  3. A faszomat verjem a redvás muzulmán pofátokba! :))

  4. This is not representative for the Hungarian society(few thousand people protesting). I think it is still clear for everyone above 80 IQ after watching this low quality propaganda.

    Ask this handfull of protestors if they want a new election to be held..(no they do not because that would give even more power to Orban)

  5. Nice try but no cigar.

  6. Protests are over. Everyone can calm the f*** down. The show is over.

  7. al jezeera Enough Said!!!

  8. Funny how this news is plastered over every MSM news site, yet Orban's popularity is totally ignored.

  9. You moron filth al jazeeera… Completely showcased news oppositely… Democracy from people of Hungary has won. No need of your Arab filth n Aloha snack bar n terrorist attacks, rapes in Hungary n Poland n Czech.

  10. Viktor Orban is worst leader! DOWN OF VIKTOR ORBAN!!! Hungary will be democratic socialist soon! Greeting from Malaysia.

  11. Orban and his party is the most corrupt bastards on the world.

  12. This is all being blown out of proportions by the left for clear resons

  13. "Slave Law' how dramatic. In Hungary An Employer can now require an employee to work an additional less than 8 hours per week in Hungary. {And if they don't meet the needs of the business they are chained and beaten sent to the salt mines or killed not.} I am curious now as to what other restrictions a business may have in Hungary. Requiring overtime meh, work or be replaced by someone that will. This cycle valuates the work and the time correctly as laissez-faire, government is always better. The new law allows the employer to require 400 up from 250 hours per year.The market should control the work, time, and pay.

    Cross-reference 10 minutes later….

    OK so from the NYSlimes reported these as elements of the laws passed- by vote of 130-52

    The changes include raising the maximum amount of overtime workers can put in a year from 250 to 400 hours and relaxing other labor rules in a bid to offset Hungary's growing labor shortage.

    The legislation also gives employers three years instead of one to settle payments of accrued overtime.(I am not always about what the government does, I am of a mind that you should get paid immediately for time worked unless you have agreed to take some other form of compensation.) Another amendment allows employers to agree on overtime arrangements directly with workers,(this is already a practice in Right To Work States across the US, and it allows companies to provide incentive for valuable workers and disenfranchise union patronage and control by empowering the individual worker) bypassing collective bargaining agreements and the unions.

    -Critics say increasing overtime limits to up to 400 hours annually — the equivalent of adding a full day to the work week — is exploitative and a potential health risk for workers, going against the government's stated goal of favoring family life.

    -The government says more labor flexibility is needed to satisfy investors' needs — like those of the German car companies whose factories help drive Hungary's economic growth — and to allow workers looking to earn more to work longer hours.

    ***does anyone else smell Soros and crooked commie unions?***

  14. The ruling party is the only real enemy of the hungarian people.

  15. What a bunch of Soros clowns!

  16. Europe is gone with the wind. Why are you protesting? Your 'government's' knew they ruled over delusional people who were doomed from the start. Now that's the end game is when you realize the hole you were in? Aaha. Bye bye Europe

  17. Orban the only man stood up to THE EVIL SOROS, so now the media trying to bring him down, IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN,

  18. That's right. But do you know that the 100 to 150 hours of working hours in Hungarian companies are quite average for Hungarian companies ????? My two sons are working in a Hungarian company and they are overtime. No one asks them how good it is for them. I've worked with such a company for years, until 2000-2005. I just say its owners were members of the then MSZP !!! One of the estate's wife was a state secretary at that time !!!! To this day people are working with them. And now they are organizing the protests, so while their employees can go to spend their 50th overtime ???? You do not have this full of media is true ?????

  19. Conservatives are the worst at governing.


  21. I agree with Victor Orban when it comes down to illegal immigration, but I disagree with him with working over 400 hours over and being in control of the courts.

  22. We should invade Hungary and Europe to teach them about civilization.

  23. Slave laws is what you always get after electing right wing government.

  24. Arbeiter , Bauern nehmt die Gewehre zur Hand!

  25. The reform hikes the annual overtime hours that employers can demand from 250 to 400 hours and allows payment to be delayed by up to three years…what!?!?

  26. I thought every hungarian supported King Orban,why doubt him now…let the cases in court be decided by corrupt judges so that hungary gonna be hungry now.Haaaaha.Who laugh last…

  27. Make America And Israel Great Again 2018!

  28. Slavery by another name now i guess 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  29. Typical lazy leftists, they see work as for suckers and losers. They want freebies but don't want to work for for it.

  30. enjoy your slave laws idiots.

  31. What’s with all the conspiracy nuts and Russian propagandists in the comments section?

    Rather than focus on the actual story about the law, they just go with the classic “B-b-but liberals [insert clichèd evil deed usually reserved for Hellspawn here].”

    They’re so afraid to confront the truth, they are only able to change topics and make sure you don’t pay attention to how bad “conservatives” are. “Forget the slave law… at least it’s not sharia!” and all that noise…

    Like neo-Nazis saying, “At least I’m not a Commie!” (Kind of ironic, considering most of these people practically worship Putin, a former Soviet spy)

  32. Fidesz from 1998 was okay but now Orban is semi-authoritarian. He is not there for the Hungarian people! He is doing this for German companies due to labour shortage!

  33. Big men respekt for you ,Orban iits hero from Hungary👍👍👍👌

  34. Long Live Victor ! He is the greatest leader Hungary ever had.

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