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🇮🇩 Indonesia plane crashes into waters off Jakarta | Al Jazeera English

189 people were on board Lion Air flight JT610 for the short journey to Bangka Belitung Islands from the capital Jakarta.

The pilot had asked for permission to turn back but 13 minutes after take off air traffic controllers lost contact with the plane.

Search for survivors has begun but only human remains and personal belongings have been found sp far.

Nugroho Budi Wiryanto, Deputy chief of the National Search and Rescue Agency:
“Until now we have not found the main body of the plane, but we have found some flakes on the surface and some ID cards.
“We went all out in this operation and have deployed the tools we have. Until this afternoon, we are still doing dives to find victims who have not been found.”

Relatives of passengers have been arriving at the airport seeking answers about their loved ones.

The cause of the crash remains unclear.

Edward Sirait, Lion Air CEO:
“This aircraft last flew from Denpasar to Cengkareng (Jakarta airport) and it was released to fly. Indeed, there was a report about a technical problem but we have worked on the technical issue based on the procedure from the aircraft manufacturer.”

Lion Air has had several incidents since 1999 and was even banned from European airspace until 2016.

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  1. Indonesians die well! Multiple dead point

  2. তোমরা কি বিমান চালাও

  3. My sencere condolences to the families of the victims

  4. Why they fly non-functional aircraft? then this happens for sure. Every Aircraft need to be maintained before a flight in a very careful way, then no plane-crash will happen.

  5. Rothschild's again. Killing business people and politician's.

  6. May God have mercy on our going out and coming in.

  7. why air indonesia are crashed so many in one year !?

  8. 주님 부디 저 영혼들을 위로해주세요

  9. Indian Captain 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  10. What's the reason for crash??? 🤔

  11. R.I.P.
    It's very terrible …
    It's a pity …

  12. Why it this airline company still allowed to operate, they've crashed multiple planes before and I can bet that why lion air is such a budget airline is that they skimp out on maintenance

  13. Some islamic “Doctor” will claim it’s because some women didn’t cover their heads.
    Same for the earthquakes.

  14. Was that Indian captain watching bobs and vegana pic?

  15. Al jazeera's documentary on 787 brings to my mind!

  16. more should be reported in international news on how much hindu radicals are undermining the multicultural communal harmony affecting 1.3 billion people in india .. example, the radical hindu so-called nationalists changed name of a city 'allahabad' to 'pragyaraj' and the corrupt india media called 'times-now' spreads fake news that 'hindus are under siege in india' on behalf of hindu radicals further proved by cobrapost news sting operation .. earlier, anyone could become president based on merit as in dr.abdulkalam, dr.manmohan, mr.vajpayee from any religion, but now the country is becoming more and more polarized

  17. 0:51 i love the symbol of the BPBD / Indonesian National Board for Disaster Management. Orange and blue.

    Anyway, how can you crash a plane to the sea anyway? No fuel? lol. Man, i hope those people are good swimmers because the longer you don't exit the airplane, you're going to the bottom of the sea.

  18. Heart breaking….. it’s like one of my worst fears. And to think, it was mentioned that this was a very new aircraft. Acquired last August…..

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