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🇮🇱🇵🇸Israel releases Palestinian boy jailed for allegedly plotting attack | Al Jazeera English

Shadi Farrah, one of the youngest Palestinian children imprisoned in Israel has been released. Now 15, he spent almost three years in jail on the charge of plotting an attack, which he denies.
The case of Farrah, who crossed the Qalandiya checkpoint in the occupied West Bank, highlights concerns about the mistreatment of Palestinian children arrested by Israeli forces.
Al Jazeera’s Natasha Ghoneim reports from Ramallah.

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  1. China : A 15 year old becomes First Graduate Student
    America : A 15 year old becomes Youtube Star
    Switzerland : A 15 year old discovers something useful to Humanity
    Palestine : A 15 year old is a Proud to be a Terrorist

  2. It is doubly scary that not only is the criminal syndicate-ISRAEL imprisoning the greatest amount of children, BUT THAT: ISRAEL IS GROUND ZERO FOR ORGAN HARVESTING . Thank God therefore that they are back, AND WHOLE . However you can bet these satanic dogs have taken skin, hair ,blood, & plasma cells + sperm from your child.

  3. Yo ur 25 minute video of this got taken down!!

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  5. Those who massacred Millions of Hindus, sikhs and christains .. Made them from 15% of population to just 3% are now complaining.

  6. Time to lock him back up in jail !

  7. a religious kid, is a brain washed kid. pity they let him go alive… I want more killing between the religious, it make them lose more legitimacy. Soon we can put a ban on religion.

  8. Need one more Hitlor again for Israel pig

  9. How is imprisoning someone plotting a terror attack, carrying a knife, a human rights violation

  10. where are our millions of Jews who live in arab or other shia country

  11. Why is everyone calling 🇮🇱 illegal?
    It is a bilateral issue between 🇮🇱🇵🇸 in which even other Arab states don't want to interfere.

  12. Israel is a illegal state 📢📢📢

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  16. Israel is a terror state..
    Remember the USS LIBERTY
    Remember 9/11
    Remember that Israel was the only place where ISIS or Al-caeda
    Never attacked them.But ISIS ATTACKED Europe they also attack Russia all over Asia
    And they even attacked the U.S
    They went a cross the Atlantic ocean bro.A whole Ocean but they never attacked Israel never and Israel is just a stone throw away.
    Why? I mean I don't want no one to get hurt but I wonder they hate all people even their own Muslim people and you know that a radical terrorist Muslim Hate the Jewish people you know but they NEVER EVER ATTACKED THEM not even a stone.WHY? To me that's like What?.That makes me think that their buddies,the same with Saudi Arabia.Terror state.

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  24. I am ashamed of America's support of Israel This kind of reporting needs to be on CNN

  25. Al Jazeera = Jihadi Islamic Terrorist Propaganda channel.

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