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๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฐ How real is the threat of another war over Kashmir? l Inside Story

Sandwiched between India and Pakistan, Kashmir has been a flash point between the two nuclear powers since 1947.
Both New Delhi and Islamabad claim all of the region – each now controls parts of it after three wars in the past 70 years.
A ceasefire agreement was reached sixteen years ago, but it has been regularly violated.
Last week there were fears India and Pakistan were on the brink of a new war.
India carried out air strikes in retaliation for a suicide bombing that killed at least 40 Indian troops in Indian-administered Kashmir.
Pakistan responded, shooting down a fighter jet and detaining its pilot, who was then returned to India as a gesture of goodwill.
But Indian and Pakistani forces have also exchanged heavy gunfire along the borders of Kashmir, killing at least seven people.
With recurrent clashes, is peace in this disputed Himalayan region even possible?

Presenter: Hashem Ahelbarra

Prem Shankar Jha, journalist and author of the book ‘Kashmir 1947: The Origins of a Dispute.’
Victoria Schofield, historian and specialist on Kashmir.
Ahmed Rashid, Central Asia Security Analyst .

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  5. Kashmir belongs to Pakistan and Pakistan belongs to kashmir

  6. Whole kashmir is the integral part of India

  7. The biggest terrorist organization is india coward Army which had created all these problem they kill innocent Kashmiri due to this seriouse reaction come in case of bomb blust and suicide attack and india hide the truth and lie always,Kashmiri are Pakistan and Pakistan and kashmir one country.

  8. Indian army is world no:1 terrorist they everyday killing Kashmiri people's

  9. Talking about Kashmir, why aren't you discussing the expulsion of the Kashmiri pundits- the original inhabitants of the valley?


  11. I think India should declare war on Porki

  12. Please send your reports to Indian occupied Kashmir.

  13. plebiscite should be held in Balochistan so that atrocities of Pakistan Army may be stopped.

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  18. This is the most comparative and broad-minded discussion on the matter. Neither European nor Asian, including Pakistan and Indian, Media was able to conduct such scholarly debate on the sensitive issue. I really appreciate the Al-Jazeera Network. And i hope the channel must invite guests like these in the debate. Thanks

  19. Thanks aljezeera for raising the kashmir issue.randians should stop killing innocent people in kashmir.

  20. Kashmiri people has right to speak out. Humanity should be first priority, not the ego or politics.

  21. Just let Kashmir be an independent country and every peaceful loving soul should do this for the misery they had lived in and let them be in peace. And both India and Pakistan should support the country to rise up without any interference.

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  25. What point to talk when the previous talks have not succeeded

  26. They say that was carried out by an Indian from Kashmir so itโ€™s an admission that Kashmir is Indian.

  27. Kashmir is NOT Indian Administered but itโ€™s Integral part of India. Including POK.

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