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๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ India Elections: The fight for education reforms | Al Jazeera English

As a long election process continues across India, the Aam Aadmi Party is highlighting education reforms it unveiled after taking control of the capital city four years ago.
It now hopes to replicate its regional success in parliamentary elections – with Delhi voting on Sunday.
Sohail Rahman reports.

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  1. Look Al jazeera we dont care about education and schools we only care to built mandirs, statues and destroy pakistan..We have the technology to escape from radar with the help of clouds.. Internet existed in india since Mahabharata and first test tube baby in Mahabharata time.. You don't even know the 1% of miracles achieved by gaumutra.. We have the best whatsapp university in the world and what delhi just did built 700 schools shame. Our honorable PM used the first digital camera and email services in 1988. He is far ahead than entire india and his vision to make india 5 trillion dollar economy with includes 50% shell companies by 2030 ^^

  2. I was taught Science and Business Studies by female teachers from India as it happens. They were exemplary and very kind. Shout out brethren.

  3. Dehli's government schools had the worst boards result in a decade. And they say that the education system has been improved.

  4. Gaye bhi to kis k pass.

  5. It is one thing to run a city and another to run a country.

    AAP is not good enough for running the country.
    Better stick to Delhi for now.

  6. It's true…70 years Congress looted India

  7. She is standing from our constituency. She will Win. SURELY

  8. Modi is the worst pm , he can't speak English , he is a illiterate man . He should be dethroned

  9. 0:55 all girls school? or the men dropped out? haha.

  10. Only MODI can lift India out of third world.
    50 years of Leftists. Communists and Islamists have ruined the country

  11. LOL ๐Ÿ˜‚ Al Jezzara Qatari Terrorist Supporter are At it again with there Anti Hindu and India BullShit. BJP Led Government of India has created hundreds of thousands of Schools across India while this Regional Party only built Couple Schools in the National Capital Region and Terrorist Al Jezzara Showing How to do Unbiased Journalism by Asking Political Party who created so called โ€œSchoolsโ€ What is there opinion on the Schools.

  12. So Al-Jazeera now supporting Aap to fight Bjp

  13. Muslim talking about improving education xD

  14. No skool no toilets ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  15. Amazing journalism al jazeera, (wants to report something about the education system interviews some people from a political party) instead try asking people from AAP about their education.

  16. vidio about : indian election
    in vidio – indias edu. system,
    and indian fools stop barking here, this chenal is anti india ,u can see every vidio it shows only poveryt of india

  17. Wtf I live in Delhi only one or two schools are upto the mark and just recently visited government hospital the doctor are good but basics infrastructure is bad there

  18. Waiting for the day when presstitutes of AJ will start blowing themselves in name of islamic jihad

  19. I studied in kendriya vidhyalaya (center funded school). We had this facalities from 2009 when I think CCE was introduced !! So no surprise for me there!! Nice infrastructure and AC's don't make your education system better!! There is no topper in the cbse results from Delhi!!

  20. but indians will still elect BJP as they want mandir more than schools

  21. Thanks for covering this.

  22. i think kerala is the best example for quality education and infrastructure that rest of india can emulate without a second thought.

  23. Syria iraq yeman libiya sudan cannot stand in front of india.

  24. Modi and bjp should learn from AAP and kejriwal that education and health is more important than dividing people .

  25. Narendrea modi the criminal known to divide people and take votes on false promises. These papa and andh bhakts are destroying country

  26. Delhi and India at large please elect AAP for your welfare.

  27. If BJP comes again in power….Al Jazeera commit suicide

  28. Qatari channel aljazeera which funded by the Qatari royal family shouldn't talk about democracy in other countries..if you want to, then first you should make your own country a secular liberal democracy moving away from monarchy.

  29. Lol aap is taking help from foreign media

  30. Doesn't really matter what you guys post, or say. Modi is coming back as our PM on 23rd May. Wait and Watch.

  31. Kerala schools are far better..

  32. Against BJP… You must ban from India when modi come again on may 23

  33. Aljazeera…. muslim puppet…

  34. Amanatullah khan is my neighbour; )

  35. Thanks to Mr arvind kejriwal

  36. On may 23
    India will get it's independent from the supreme leader Gappu Modi

  37. Asking a party politician about work of their own party. Really. Terrible propaganda

  38. Education is just as fake as Indian politician are…๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž

  39. Good topic chosen.
    Thanks Al Jazeera.

  40. Aljazeera is a garbage new agency. Owned by Watari rats like your Emir who owns millions of poor people and wont let them leave,e at or drink. 6000 workers die every year in Qatar but Information is supressed

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