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🇮🇳 Indian security forces accused of torturing Kashmiris | Al Jazeera English

The international community is being accused of ignoring abuses being carried out by Indian security forces in Indian-administered Kashmir.
The Kashmiri human rights group, called Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons and Jammu Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society, said there were more than 400 accusations of abuse and torture last year.
Activists who work with police to develop reforms within the service said change is difficult and takes time.
Al Jazeera’s Sohail Rahman reports from New Delhi.

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  2. if soon they will not understand then all terrorist attacking on army should be massacred

  3. jihadis have to leave kashmir or die

  4. tHiS neWs iS fAkE , ISI fUnDs alJAzeEra, tHeSe pEoPle r tErRoRists – brought to u by the triggered indians

  5. INDIANS obviously will think this is fabricated

  6. BBC hindi ,BBC Urdu , and english and al Jazeera are batter than thousand of news channels.

  7. Terrorism and Extremism in kashmir is limited to South Kashmir where 100% muslim population exists. How come Jammu , leh and ladakh region of kashmir is happy and prosperous which has Buddhist, sikh and Hindu population.

  8. Deport these foreigners out of India like rohingya pigs. Let them settle in Pakistan and middle east

  9. Propaganda news + fake news = Al jazeera

  10. Why torture just kill them at point blank and also put economic sanction on Qatar.

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    Islamic terrorist spoke parson

  12. Bhai ye mulle juth bol rahe h, Indian army kabi b aisa Kam nahi karti. Without any proof.

  13. Al Jazeera spreading their jihadi propaganda as usual

  14. Do more torture to these Rats . KILL them , they r not humans. We have sacrifices Many lifes under Mughal Empire it time to take the revenge.

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  17. Terrorism is India's national game.

  18. In Qatar if people start pelting stones on army personnel what will your government do ? Ask yourself first

  19. Tell me how aljazeera will report if there will be civil war in Qatar. And certain section of people want to divide Qatar into 2 parts. The same feeling we got when our soldiers died in kashmir and think what happen to those wifes and thier children. All problem get solved if they dont demand independent J&K based on religion. It is a beautiful valley and most important for people of India. India is a secular country. We are Indian first. Indian will remain one even if thousands and thousands of people loss their life.

  20. What a freedom and democracy

  21. No sympathy for terrorists.

    Keep up the good work, India.

  22. Modi winning. Congrats al jazeera😂. Namo again

  23. stone pelting should be treat with gun, but im surprise why india so much tolerate. yeah said this is soil of india. but how long you can tolerate this is the question?

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    Time for the Modi's pilot project …

  27. India needs serious learning from Pakistan how to administer Kashmir, just Google it.
    independent parliament, PM, flag, logo and National anthem etc….

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  29. My God , that's cruel and horrific

  30. To every person here….please report this video as "spam and isleading" or "infringes my rights"…

    This is a biased video made to only keep tensions high and mislead the international audience…

    Aljaeeta is a biased channel

  31. What about people killed by terrorists

  32. Very sad news 😰😰
    Free Kashmir From Indian Govt and Army Sponsered terrorism

  33. please take debate coverage of other 90% kashmiri citizenship which support India
    not only paid people from terrorism organisation

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