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🇮🇳 Indian security forces killed in Kashmir blast | Al Jazeera English

At least 18 Indian paramilitary personnel have been killed and several others wounded after a car filled with explosives rammed into a military convoy in Indian-administered Kashmir.

In one of the worst attacks to hit the disputed Himalayan region in nearly three years, the car rammed into one of the buses carrying Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel in Awantipora.

CRPF Director General Rajeev Rai Bhatnagar told ANI news agency that there were around 2,500 personnel in the convoy when the attack took place.

Fayaz Bukhari, a senior journalist in Srinagar, the capital of Indian-administered Kashmir, talks to Al Jazeera about the attack.

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  1. OUR India is the best. We don't leave you Pakistan😠😠😠😠👹👹🙈

  2. Its high time these bastards get a taste of their own medicine.
    Good on you my Kashmiri brothers.

  3. Kashmir is a state in an independent country, India. In this state, people believing in different faiths live side by side. However, various countries have always been seeking an opportunity to attack n capture this area since it draws millions of tourists from all over the world.
    Personal greed is the reason why nations are seeking an opportunity to take Kashmir away from India.
    India is a secular country, home to just people, not religions or political parties. Normal everyday people are suffering. Let's not fight. Live and let live. If anyone instigates communal fights or war, they are nothing but terrorists. Terrorism goes against Humanism. Let the ordinary people of Kashmir live. Most of the civilians have nothing to do with religious fights or political interests.


  5. Pak is terrorist country, world know it…🖕

  6. Why attack happen just before elections? Because modi now have chance to speak against pakistan to get votes.
    How 250 kg bomb car cross all the checkposts in area where 7 million army is standing?
    Why pakistan would do this attack when most important saudi crown prince visited pakistan to invest? Obiously this is not infavour of pakistan but india did inside job so saudi crown cancel his visite but they are failed.

    Secondly how india can blame on pakistan without any proof, they anounce within 30 minuts woww. Everything was planned to spread hate towards pakistan. Indian nation is getting fool,need some mental trratment.

  7. We Bangladeshi want india should make kashmir free state !! Stop killing innocent people !!! Kashmir should not go with pakistan also after freedom !! It will be free state like Bangladesh !! In sha Allah !! Azadi zindabad !!

  8. Lemme just make a correction.. it's not Indian administered Kashmir, it's the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir.

  9. سيكون لدى باكستان ثلاثة أجزاء ، واحدة لأفغانستان وواحدة للهند وواحدة لإيران.

  10. Why Indian Army Killing Innocent Peoples From India Occupied Kashmir

  11. Dear Al Jazeera!
    It is Indian Kashmir, not Indian administered Kashmir and it will be always Indian.

  12. Do not lunch automatic car in world…their will be more attack by automatic cars…that's the time will no need suicide boom.. cause car can be controlled by remote…or car itself..be careful to launch automation car..

  13. Those who claim "India is responsible for that blast", are laughable. It was Masood Azhar's official Jaish-e-mohammed video and radio statement claiming responsibility, from a Pakistan Military-Government headquarters in Pakistan. What more proof do these want? Anyway, Firstly, ALL of Kashmir including ALL Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir belongs to India and citizens of India living in Kashmir are citizens of India. Pakistan military-terrorists dress as Indian soldiers and massacred over 100,000 innocent Indian-Kashmir women and children – For this, the Pak-Punjabi ISI (Inter-Service-Agency of Punjabi-Pakistan-military) and its terrorists like JeM (Jaish-e-mohammed), LeT (Lakshar-e-Toiba), etc from accross Asia and other nations, will pay.
    Secondly, Pak-Punjabis must get out of Pakistan, and give freedom to Baluchis, Sindhis, Pakistan-occupied-Kashmiris held in concentration camps, and Northern Pushtoons who the Punjabi-Pakistan military massacres by bombing their mosques on Fridays, in the name of "Fight on terror" – This is sadly pathetic. Pakistan military and its own international terrorist groups like Jaish e mohammed consisting of USA-trained Punjabi-Pakistanis and others murder innocent people even on holy days to confiscate their properties, and claim it was the "Americans who did it by drones". How pathetic. The Mumbai-massacre Kesab from Pakistan himself admitted on video that it was the Pakistan Government who trains hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis and others in terrorism, using American techniques and weapons. Osama-Bin-Laden himself was found in a highly-security Pakistani headquarters. So go figure.

  14. bhot afss h gandoo indian armikiled them

  15. The recent killing of 40 Indian security personnel it is incredibly unfortunate that Indian politicians even hinting at a more mild approach to the Kashmir question are accused of everything from treason to insanity by much of Indian media, as well as by mainstream Indian politicians. But the fact is that contrary to conventional thinking, a Jammu and Kashmir that is able to at long last exercise its UN mandated right to engage in national self-determination though the implementation of the plebiscite ordered by UN Security Council Resolution Resolution 47, would be even better for India than for Pakistan.

    As things stand, Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) requires the presence of 600,0000 soldiers in order to keep Kashmiris from taking their destiny into their own hands through the power of self-government. In this sense, Kashmir’s resistance to Indian occupation is similar to the resistance of all Indians against British colonial occupation, insofar as even prior to 1947, it became clear to Britain and to the wider world that India could not be ruled through subjugation to a foreign sovereign. As India’s resistance to occupation grew, those in London and other major world capitals realised that India’s freedom was inevitable rather than negotiable. while mainstream Indian media keep the general public fulled with hate anger merely for rating and calling for war so called arm chair warriors just look at coverage of India today or ABP news Zee news NDTV Mainstream politics is not prepared to accept this, also and current BJP and its allies the far right nationalist Shiv Sena fir own vote bank are notorious for causing hate within India and towards Pakistan and even China modi known as butcher of gujarat when as chief minister of state allowed roits and gangs of Shiv Sena to kill rape women kill children, elderly all for creating conflict again for votes of Hindu majority he was Subsequently barred from the United States of America, although this was lifted when he became Prime Minister For obviously diplomatic reasons

    there is a more fundamental issue at hand. Every time a Kashmiri civilian is slaughtered by an Indian soldier, that civilian is the son of a Kashmiri mother whose life will forever be filled with sorrow as a result. Likewise, while the rules of engagement are different in respect of targeting soldiers rather than civilians, Indian soldiers in IOK also have mothers and they too weep for their children. Making matters all the more tragic is the plain fact that there is no need for a single Indian soldier do die in Kashmir and hence, there is no need for any Indian mother to bury her son. Any of these Indian soldiers are the main breadwinner in the family, with a loss in tire family is looking like an object of poverty.The only reason they are doing so is because of a venal class of politicians, most of whom have never seen combat – sending these sons of India to die in order to do to the Kashmiri resistance that which the British Raj did to the Indian resistance during the Amritsar massacre of 1919 and during similar atrocities.

    While India works tirelessly to promote its own narrative about Kashmir, the age of social media is challenging this in many ways. Just as movements like BDS seek to highlight the plight of occupied Palestinians and their right to resist occupation and just as Indians themselves are rightly proud of the pan-Indian resistance to the British Raj, so too are millions throughout the world coming to realise that Kashmiris are not putting their lives on the line in order to resist India because they want to prove some obscurantist point – they are doing so because they seek freedom and India has disallowed a genuine peace process from taking place that would make armed resistance both futile and redundant

    Of course, one of the main reasons for India’s occupation is because New Delhi fears that an independent Kashmir or one peacefully integrated into Pakistan would cut India off from vital water supplies. However, this argument too is logically one for peace rather than occupation. If Indian leaders were to take the initiative in arguing for the importance of a peace process, the entire international community would have a vested interest in making certain that either a Republic of Jammu and Kashmir or Pakistan would cooperate with India over water rights, just as many nations throughout the world do in respect of shared natural resources.

    The military Strategic logic, Indian occupied Kashmir with its natural Terrain offfers India a protection from Pakistan attack and if India want attack option from the north leading in to Pakistan and only 4 hours distance to Pakistan capital Islamabad. Instead, India is merely kicking the can down the road, insofar as Indian leaders are either deceiving themselves or are otherwise are

    lying to their people by saying that somehow there is a military solution to Kashmir when in reality, Kashmiris will resist until their democratic rights are secured, thereby making a military solution impossible.

    The fact is that if India embraces peace and works with the international community to implement UNSC Resolution 47, fewer Indian sons will die in a needless occupation. This ought to be reason enough for Indians to realise that they stand more to gain by allow peace to prevail in Kashmir than does a Pakistani state that is at peace with its own Kashmiri population. Furthermore, arguments about Pakistan surrendering its own territory prior to a plebiscite have long been discredited, as even Australian diplomat Owen Dixon realised in the early 1950s. In this sense, rather than India stubbornly arguing over the minute details interpretation of UNSC Resolution 47, India’s leaders should instead come to grips with the facts. In Azad Kashmir and in Gilgit-Baltistan, there is not an armed struggle for freedom because the population feels free. In IOK, the opposite is true because clearly the majority of the population do not feel free. Therefore, the key point of Resolution 47 ought to be striven for in order to save human life and to end human strife.

    If Indians are not moved by the deaths of Kashmiri civilians, surely they ought to practical enough to realise that Indian soldiers are losing their lives due to the same proximate cause – that of an untenable occupation. Not only are Pakistani lives not being lost in the peaceful parts of Kashmir, but Pakistan as a state has itself done far too little to even speak about Kashmir, let alone become directly involved in the resistance as is insisted by Indian politicians who often sound more like conspiracy theorists.

    This is the clear solution. The fact that the language of peace is mocked by Indian political figures is the only reason that the language of peace has not become the lingua franca of the region. The sooner this changes the sooner lives can be saved on all sides. The whole issue is now a matter of national pride and Prestige for Pakistan and India with Islamic militants in Pakistan and Hindu nationalists in India, and both nations having war Mongers in armed forces politics this issue can quickly lead to full Scale war between the Two nuclear armed nations, could lead even to nuclear strike however small it may be , the Nuclear weapons are straight-up terrifying and one of those brutal facts of life most of us try to forget for our own sanity. The bomb that fell on Hiroshima, ironically called Little Boy,caused widespread destruction, leveled cities, and killed between 90,000 and 166,000 people in Hiroshima That was over 60 years ago and nukes have only become more and more powerful The result an exchange involving just 50 nuclear weapons the kind of thing we might see in an India-Pakistan war for example could loft 5 billion kilograms of smoke, soot and dust high into the stratosphere. That’s enough to cool the entire planet by about 2 degrees Fahrenheit 1.25 degrees Celsius about where we were during the Little Ice Age of the 17th century. Growing seasons could be shortened enough to create really significant food shortages. So the climatic effects of even a relatively small nuclear war would be planet-wide. I myself am from a Kashmiri family in Pakistan administered Kashmir and I myself am proud to say my closest friends whom I see more as more of my brothers are from India and are Hindu, and this is not a Hindu Muslim issue more of basic human rights of of long suffering oppressed people of Indian Occupied Kashmir, how long will they keep dying and Indian mothers of young soldiers seeing there sons bodies come back home. All for what just a matter of vote bank ,media ratings and of misplaced pride of both nations

  16. Indian occupied Kashmir (IOK)

  17. No freedom to Jammu Kashmir people between India Pakistan and terrorist groups.

    Post your Best decision on Terrorist attacks and Jammu Kashmir

  18. No freedom to Jammu Kashmir people between India Pakistan and terrorist groups.

    Post your Best decision on Terrorist attacks and Jammu Kashmir

  19. Article 370 should be repealed. Unless it does there will always be similar problems in Kashmir

  20. disgusting politicians play these dirty moves on the cost of lives of poor soldiers and citizens…..BJP cashing tragedy for elections again

  21. No it is wrong ju b huwa bhuut bhuuut bhuuut bura huwa . But india waly is ka zimadar pakistan ko bana rhy hai . This is also wrong . Pakistan ny kabhe b terorism ko support nhe kia . Pakistan mai b kitny attacks ho chuky hai kitny logo ki deaths ho chuki hai . Khas kr ju peshawar mai hamla huwa us mai kitny masoom bacho ki death huwe hai . India waly un bacho ky maa baap ky bary mai sochy ky un ky upar kya guzri hai Wu aj tak hum pakistani nhe bhol pai . India waly yahe soch lain atleast ky pakistan peaceful country hai . Hum apni country mai b peace chahty hai or baqi countries mai b . Wu galat kr rhy hai ju pak ko blame kr rhy hai . Sindhu ge ny bilkul thek kaha ky kuch logo ki wajah sy hum pury country ko blame nhe kr sakty . Or india waly aik or bat apny mind mai rakhy ky ju log terorists hoty hai na tu un ky pas dil hota hai na he wu kise nation mai shamil hoty hai . Aisy log ……. Hoty hai

  22. Its Awkward to see many Indians prematurely blaming Pakistan before any sort of investigation has been carried out. Actualy its not so suprising, you want to keep the global eye on Pakistan, instead of the root cause of the problem, your illegal occupation of Kashmir, hundreds of thousands of documented human rights violations committed by Indian soldiers, thousands murdered, thousands locked up, thousands missing, thousands raped and when the Kashmiri people fight back, the Indians want to blame Pakistan. Factualy Kashmir belongs to Pakistan, the colonial rule pre partition was majority Muslim areas go to Pakistan and Hindu to India, Kashmir was and is undeniably Muslim, yet the ruler was not a Muslim and he didnt want Kashmir to be a part of Pakistan, but the rule wasnt that it was the rulers decision to choose India or Pakistan, no, the rule was based on the inhabitants of the area and there religous affilliation, on this basis, Kashmir is Pakistan, that is why the question of who Kashmir should be with is only asked by the Indians, its not relevant to Pakistanis, because this question has already been answered in 1947, India should accept the fact and leave Kashmir and cease with the illegal occupation.

  23. af kya hoga
    ye attract kisne ki or kiu kya
    kya iska badla lia jayaga or aise chordya jayega
    ma to kehata hu ki iska badla to jarur hone chahiya


  24. Pakistan is a great country

  25. Jo indian army roz itny kasmiri marti wo nazar nai ata wo terrorism ni

  26. I see humans but don't see humanity

  27. Adil mohamnad we love u. Y are true shaheed.

  28. how many indian soldiers got death sentences for killing 10s of thousands of innocent kashmiris ?? None..

    Stop whining indians and at least have some guts to admit the atrocities which your country & army carries out against innocent kashmiris…

    Last year your army used a kashmiri man as a human shield & tied him up on vehicle & that soldier got rewarded in New Delhi for doing that.. & after 7 months the same guy was caught for using a female in hotel of a family in exchange for releasing her brother… Shameful & disgusting things your army do in IOK occupied kashmir….

    Last year 8 year old girl was R@ped for over one week by the indian army men & police men !! Later they stoned her to death… Even animals wouldn't do this !!

    That's what happens when you guys cross all the limits… More will be coming your way…

  29. Stop killing innocent kashmiris. U are making them terrorists.

  30. Well why there is always tension raise before indian elections. Because indian governments use pakistan card to win the elections. Please stop killing innocent kashmiri, s and also there own innocent soldiers. These tactics are old. Peoples are far mature now. U cant make them fool. U have killed ur own peoples in bombings and now blaming pakistan asusual. I feel sad for those soldiers who died and sacrifice their lives for you elections. Stop your brutality in kashmir and indian punjab. And stop killing your own peoples.

  31. Allah oh Akbar …musalman suvar ka bachee hain…suvar ka naam muhammed

  32. Just end pakistan once and for all from the face of earth…The whole religion of islam is a sin on people

  33. We need a leader who is sensible enough to understand the grave situation, and a leader whose actions are not based upon luring people to vote…

  34. India needs to terminate all Kashmiri Indian citizenships and give them 90 days to leave the soil of the Indo Aryan and Dravidian peoples via Southern India. Failure to leave India will be seen as living in India illegally and will be the legal grounds for their removal, their internment and exchange for Pakistan Hindus.

  35. The Indian army has been martyring Kashmiris for so many years, Indian Army Kashmiris are returning the honor of their sisters. He is not seen by anyone, thousands of Indians have killed Kashmiris, why not see that case. What happened to you forty five soldiers died crying all of you

  36. Jai hind jai Bharat.. same on pakistani people who praise terrorist attack 😑👎

  37. Indian Government Involved in this Attack because Elections are a head. Before Elections Indian Government do these kind of Darama every time

  38. If Indians Kills Kashmiri Innocent People They Will Kill Them Too ….Well Response Of Kasmiris…..

  39. India should learn from Isreal.

  40. Kill Pakistan people entering on their country

  41. This is drama election coming soon

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