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🇮🇳 India's Nuclear Riddle | People & Power

India’s Nuclear Riddle – People & Power

Deep in the rural plains of southern India, a mysterious government construction project is under way. Some allege the site will be a top secret “nuclear city”, designed to produce highly enriched uranium and allow the country to develop thermonuclear weapons – devices more than 1,000 times more powerful than those detonated over Hiroshima and Nagasaki towards the end of World War II.

In response, India’s neighbour and decades-old foe Pakistan has vowed to keep pace and build its own equivalent programme, sparking fears that a new arms race is under way on the sub-continent – a race which could bring the region to the brink of thermonuclear war and threaten the lives and livelihoods of half of the world’s population.

To find out what is really going on behind the walls of this secret site, People and Power sent Indian journalist Mandakini Gahlot to investigate.

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  1. It's time to stop subscription of AJ .. All Indians should stop watching & subscribing to AJ.

  2. Poor Al jazeera go on with your agenda. Nobody cares about your fake news agenda. Your are disseminating lies about India. Typical middle east channel with pathetic ideology. Shame on you!!!!!!

  3. Hope she get hit by a bus and dies immediately.
    jadya din delhi mei rehne ka natiza hai ye aurat.

  4. Couldn't have been most biased than that

  5. What are you.. A backstabber!!!

  6. Did you got cordinates for these places mandakini… Please gave it to Al-Hijra… We dont care

  7. What you expect idiot, you ask anything nd they will tell you everything

  8. Pakistan is the main reason for India's nuclear arsenal

  9. For the kind of questions she was asking, She is eligible to be arrested and thrown out of country…

    due to this kind of information about chamcheli, foreign missionaries starts sending money to locals and make them protest against Indian government

  10. Pakistan zindabad
    Ismaic nuclear weapons

  11. ofcourse Pakistan can destroy indian air force,Navy and ground troops withing 24 hours and pakistan proved that on 27th Feb 2019.

  12. May I ask why you – Al Jazeera want to know about India's defenses? Go to any country and they will not tell anything related to defense. India already has nuclear weapons and is also much more mature than China or Pakistan. The world is sleeping in peace despite India having nuclear weapons. So why are you so concerned? Unless you are serving Pakistan or China… there is no need for you to be scared. And if you are serving Pakistan… then yes… you need to be concerned and should think twice before attacking India.

  13. Don't be bothered. Israel through US has already provided enough enriched uranium to wiped out all of Middle East and Pakistan in a jiffy to put fear of Allah on all terror infected countries.

  14. We are filled with a sense of pride how strong India has become today. I canvass 10 seats in the Rajya Sabha be reserved for defense experts, to ensure our future generations are in safe hands. India should also legally start acquiring lands abroad as we are a very overpopulated country. Modiji should address these issues when he comes back to power. We can triple land area in 10 years if we set our mind on it. Something we never did for 10,000 years. If Islam can be spread through horses, swords and terror Indians can do it millions time better.

  15. Civilized man making nuclear weapons to destory mankind ?

  16. Yes, We Indian have 7 undisclosed militaries centre with highly sophisticated R&D based. In fact, every nation has it nowadays. So, what is the matter for Al-Jaazera ?

  17. Why don't you make a programme on Chinese nuclear arsenal.

  18. Porkistani already song… its bombs to get food..a most of em r locked by usa

  19. why mandakini eposing military secret which is for her security? is she pakitani or what?

  20. Aljazeera giving peace lectures to India but turning an blind eye on Pakistani nuclear program.

  21. These are true anti national.why govt. Goes These Lal Salam anti national china's inlegal breed people to build these facilities. Government knew that which place and areas people happily sacrifice their livelihood for nation. And in our area we are very much aware of those anti-national leftist

  22. Useless channel. Riding on camel 😂

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