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🇮🇳 India’s PM Modi visit to Kashmir amid strike, protests | Al Jazeera English

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has visited Indian-administered Kashmir for the first time since his party pulled out of the coalition government in the disputed territory.
Narendra Modi announced new infrastructure projects – and warned that those he called “terrorists” will be killed.
This comes as many in the Muslim-majority region accuse his government of targeting civilians in a continuing crackdown.

Al Jazeera’s Fintan Monaghan reports.

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  1. It has been trend since 9/11 to call all freedom fighters as terrorists..

  2. Shame to Indian state and their army ..

  3. This blindness issue is a problem worldwide with various kinds of pellet guns, I also disagree with the use of tear gas on protesters

  4. What does al Jazeera means by "some called them terrorist", they are terrorist… They are killing innocent Indian… Would al Jazeera say the same about ISIS?? if yes…. Then I have no issues with the statement

  5. Shameless mother must be feeling sad, her daughter didn't die and got jannat for herself and for her. Shameless idiots.

  6. After all al jazeera is a muslim channel. Muslim brotherhood of terrorism.

  7. It is better to leave Kashmir to India…..they will take care better than the Pakistan….AND OF COURSE AL-JAZEERA is Islamic one so they will be on Pakistan side….

  8. Like Pakistan and China, India needs to shell, send tanks, hele gunships and go for aerial bombings on the terror strong holds of the 3 districts of its Jammu & Kashmir province.
    This policy of defensive – defense with pellet guns by the armed forces is no good against pathological murder gangs in their long continuing pursuit to Islamize India. Same applies to extremely violent mobs indulging in mayhem on a daily basis.
    So does the 70-90% subsidising of everything for this NPA of the nation which needs to go away. The security forces should be given a free hand to pursue the operations and to use live ammunition on the arsonist mobs.
    The nuisance is only confined to 3 districts of the radicalised Kashmir valley -less than 10% of whole J&K province)


  10. Why Al Jazeera cant show Modi Speech in Jammu and thousands of Modi and India supporters.
    Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh is part of India

  11. It's Jammu and Kashmir….It's an Indian state and will not be separated.

  12. India is the most vibrant ,largest democracy jammu and Kashmir is indivisible,integral and iternal part of union of The Republic of India .India stands on strong institutions .The people of J&K are proud Indian's .Al Jazeera stop spreading canards have some professionalism

  13. India, the largest democracy in the world, and Pakistan should both agree to hold a plebiscite in Kashmir. Kashmiri people’s basic human right for self-determination should be respected. It’s in India and Pakistan’s best interest to hold this plebiscite so that there can be peace and cordial relationship between all parties and so that everyone can focus on continuing to expand their economies. With peace and friendly foreign policies, both countries will have huge economic gains from bilateral trade.

  14. in 2 days 3 soldier die its a war

  15. just remove territories army from Kashmir.

  16. India is taking her land back.
    Moslems ,your time of bullying others is over.India is very tolerant of others but won't accept radical Islamism.

  17. Aljazeera @ Home of Terrorism.

  18. Indian soldiers in kashmir have the highest suicide rate

  19. Lmao a terrorist calls others terrorist. How hilarious, sounds like someone else i know —->Israel.

  20. Oh great….Al Jazeera has a take on Kashmir.

  21. Kashmir belongs to Pakistan

  22. Kashmir is the disputed territory.

  23. Go India back not shot innocent people

  24. The country who claims to largest democracy of the world killings innocent Kashmiri people with bullets and too high ratio of human rights violations.
    UNO should take action on this situation of IoK

  25. A terrorist support channel…..

  26. An independent Kashmir is good for the region

  27. Why don't you guys talk about protests in the PAKISTANI controlled Kashmir as well as those in Balochistan???

    Clearly India should ban al Jazeera and other such channels till they grow out of their bias

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