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🇮🇳 Is India's BJP a threat to minorities? | UpFront

In this week’s UpFront, we challenge BJP spokesperson Nalin Kohli on the party’s tacit support of hate speech.

And in the Arena we discuss whether former ISIL fighters, their wives and children should be allowed back to their home countries.

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  1. Great journalists…i wish Indian pseudo journalists vil learn something from u…ol r paid….u forgot to mention samjota xpress blast done by rss….maka masjid blast….Mumbai blast…gujrat blast….done by hindu extremists….lke RSS vhp hindu mahasaba……and u forgot jammu massacre 1947……done by RSS

  2. Nalin’s every prospect went for blah blah blah🤣

  3. Ohh Really!!! !! Danke Schoen For Promoting Indian Democracy!!

  4. Pm Modi doesn't tweet a single tweet for nz bombing accused

  5. Indian Media You Should Learn From Him…

  6. The is 3 types of answer u can give
    And answer like him

  7. This man really need some treatment.
    I wish i had power like him which i can use in exam for unknown qus. 😂😂😂🤣😂😂

  8. i am form India bjp is the big terrorist in india

  9. Al Jazeera we northeast india are small population and many small tribe..Bangladeshi migration are many.Can we give our northeast east to them.Northeast are very different from other mail land India.

  10. Change the caption to
    How to slap a liar by words.
    Indians are stupid
    They want to be devided.
    Thats what the british wanted.

  11. The Gujrat riots. Do you have any other incidents. Objective propaganda.

  12. Journalists: tell about India and BJP?
    Mr. Kholi:Pakistan, Pakistan, Pakistan

  13. This video should be showed to Indian journalists on repeat mode…so that they can learn some journalism…

  14. This is the opposite of arnab go-sway-me

  15. Imagine Mehdi Hassan interviewing Modi.

  16. Mehdi Nasan needs to shut up and let the other answer the questions.

  17. if modi was a threat to minorities then all minorities would not be alive nor be in indiA' either way minorities need to go back to where they came from.indiA is not to cater to outsiders when our country is `1.4BillioN population go back to where you came from and don't procreate.

  18. Nailed it Mr. Mehdi..👍

  19. His questions were on point and his answers were not at all on point.
    That's what BJP does, will not answer the questions but will take shelter of past incidents. Speak about the present.
    Past is all in courts, all pending hearings.

  20. 😂😂😂😂 Mehdi just striped him.

  21. if those girls wanted to live under islamic law, they could have choosen one of the many islamic law abiding countries… instead they chose Isis, that says plenty…

  22. Modi is next Gaddafi for INDIA

  23. Haha the Indian guy is talking so much rubbish as usual
    Seems Indians are good at it

  24. modi modi modi modi modi NaMo NaMo NaMo

  25. Excellent interview Mehdi Hassan!!
    This is how a journalist is supposed to conduct interviews asking the right questions and counter-questions every time the interviewee does not give straight forward answer or tries to play around the question by giving vague answers unrelated to the question. Through out the interview nalin kohli did not answer even a single question directly or to the point, he just tried to play around it by giving some vague replies. If Mehdi Hassan was an Indian journalist by now he would have been banned by modi govt just like some other brave Indian journalists who had the courage to speak against the govt and hence paid the price by getting banned by their employers.

  26. Look at the shameless Islamist dash..based on few isolated incidents using the words like "Hindu Terrorism" and insulting 800 million followers of a polytheistic group! these Islamists and their official leftist pimps will say Terror has no religion when Islamist groups do countless Jihadi murders..

  27. Infiltrators are termites.. we are okay with that.. Islam is a terrorist religion we are okay with that too..

  28. Nalin kohli defended like a pro… Refusing to swallow spoon offered by hasan each and every time..

  29. This is what BJP has done. Spoiled our image in international community. Shame on you Bjp

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