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🇮🇳Indian forces kill civilians and rebels in Kashmir | Al Jazeera English

At least seven civilians have been killed and dozens more injured as security forces opened fire on protesters in Indian-administered Kashmir.
The crowds were rallying against the death of three rebel fighters. An Indian soldier was also killed.

Al Jazeera’s Alexi O’Brien reports.

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  1. Al Jazeera is Qatari jihadi channel

  2. indian terrorist stop killing in kashmir we want freedom
    dogs and indian dogs not allowed in kashmir
    black faces indian dogs army go back

  3. So those who were killed had guns in there hand….and on the other hand stone pelters which indian amry don't shoot at….they only attack with rubber bullets, gas….if Indian army reall wants to kill them….you won't just see 1 or 2 bodies dead then

  4. Time to BAN this terrorist channel in india

  5. Hahahaha indian ko rota deakh ka maza a jata ha Ro india Ro

  6. I'm indian muslim but Very Good video and good struggle to raise their voice, yes Kashmiries are being killed innocently by indian army since 47, they have their right to freedom of speach. Love from Telangana.

  7. Why Al Jazeera News don't talk about Balochistan issue. You don't see a massive human rights violation there.

  8. Rebels, they rape kashmiri girls and the family of those girls inform the forces about the terrorists. Think about it, someone coming into your house and sexually exploiting females all in the name of independence and religion. Why doesn't al Jazeera's employee send their daughters to terrorists.

  9. Indians talking about history seem to forget that according to the British Bhagat Singh, Azad, Sukhdev and countless others were terrorists too. How is your struggle for freedom any better than ours?

  10. Wtf Al jazeera u r supporting terrorists now

  11. I guess the Indians can't handle the truth. Taking out their wrath on al Jazeera

  12. Those who r barking here let me make it very clear to u that Kashmir is not the part of india and it was never a part of rapistan(hindustan) don't misread history u will tell me why u called our loving country as rapistan only those can ask this question who doesn't know the statistics every year more than 2 lack rapes take place in India in 2016 it was more than 3 lacks now it's increasing day by day very soon India will be no more India the world will know it as rapistan many will tell me now that I am a Pakistani no I am not I am a kashmiri citizen we have nothing to do with India we want freedom from the tyranny of india and in sha Allah very soon we will be free and if protesting for freedom is a crime then Gandhiji was the biggest criminal in history

  13. They are terrorist not rebels…u filth AJ…

  14. I request you dear news channel please please make more reports on our dear Kashmir…please

  15. गद्दारी की सजा मौत है और कुछ भी नहीं जय हिन्द

  16. Good Job Indian Army.

    I hope to join in on the fun when I come of age.

  17. Kashmir ke panditoo ki maa ki chut…

    Bhosaeiwalo ko bhagwaya Gaya… Taaki musalmaano ka khoon araam see bahaaye…aur the kitne …ginti ke..Randi roona roote raho unke Naam ka bass… Aur news ki to baat hi Matt karna… madarchoodo ne musalmaano ke haqq me na kabhi bola he aur na hi bolenge… Wo wahi bolenge jisko sunke tumhaara Dil khush ho….

  18. i am from India .millitants are being killed now and then not civilian.

  19. India is a big terrorist contry and big poison in the world and india police kill hundred people in gujrat India shame shame

  20. Terrorist channel. Even Europeans and Americans hated it.

  21. That's not accurate I was there when firing started and army were trying to save civilians from terrorist supporters and yeah I am a proud indian muslim and I would've been killed that day by these so called innocent civilians if army wouldn't have saved me

  22. The UN one of egg of USA can't see this

  23. Indian crimes in Kashmir, won't go
    unpunished. Since most Indians support these attrocities, because of blind patriotism, they are a party to it.

  24. Endian brutal army killed innocent kashmiri people..
    Shame shame Endia shame shame….

  25. India Russia Israel America will stay together

  26. Thnxxxx a lot aljazeeraa fr coming here and thnxx fr showing the world the real face of india….Thanxxx💖💖💖

  27. Free Kashmir from illegal indian occupation. Its time for the rebels to kill more Indians.

  28. report this video as supporting terrorism..

  29. The only international media supports Kashmir valley for their right to self determination

  30. Fake
    All zazeera just glorify terrorist

  31. I supported army kill thi terrisot
    This muslim following idology gajawa e hind
    ghnta bin laden ki auldo ko chun chun ke marege

  32. Aljijira terror organation??

  33. Same old Kashmir Palestine rohinhya uygur BS nobody believes al jihadi lies anymore

  34. They were not civilians but stone pelters

  35. this comment section is pure gold

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