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🇮🇶 Iraq to expand Karbala shrine for growing number of pilgrims | Al Jazeera English

The Iraqi city of Karbala is planning a major expansion of a key religious site to cope with a growing number of pilgrims.
More than 30 million people visit the shrines of Imam Hussein and Abbas each year.
Al Jazeera’s Dorsa Jabbari reports from Karbala.

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  1. Iran is building it and paying for it though not iraq.

  2. Oh Shia it is ok to visit shrines of anmbiya o Akram ,sahaba and Aulia Allah ,perform salat over there ,ask for forgiveness to Allah but don't worship them …Don't cut your bodies near to these blessed shrines .. torturing yourself or others innocent people is haram in islam ..why don't you understand this .if you are muslim then you must not do this ….

  3. And which hadith says karbala is a holy place lol. People of innovation make me sick. This a place of shirk and calling upon dead. Rolling in mud lol rafidha dogs. Enemies of islam. Islam is free from this filth

  4. In sha Allah ISIS will conquer Baghdad & destroy this shrine which has been worshiped by the filthy shia(Zoroastrian Jews) & level the grave to the Earth!

  5. Lanah on those who don't believe in imam Hussain as.. Lanah on enemies of Ahlul bait as

  6. When muhammed came he asked people to stop calling upon creation (rightous people who died a long time ago like aluza allat) and start calling upon allah alone he did not ask them to stop calling upon creation but say o mohammad o ali help me. No he said say o allah help me not aluza or allat or ali or housain, only allah.

  7. Alhamdulillahi rabbil 'alamiin…❤🌹, great progress..👍

  8. Major shirk. The place should not be a place of worship. Confused and anti-Islamic teachings

  9. Shias are threat to Islam
    Labaik Ya Abu Bakr, Labaik Ya Umar, Labaik Ya Usman, Labaik Ya Ali, Labaik Ya Hassan, Labaik Ya Hussain…

  10. Abdul Barek , trying to reply your both questions but when uploading my mobel dose not respond don’t now why , however you are concepts regarding Shia is totally 💯% wrong , Shia do not warship graves , Shia do not worship Ahlalbaith, yes indeed they make the Ahlalbaith WASILLA , yes Wasilla is mentioned in the holy book and it’s emphasized to practice it highly recommended no doubt on that , I now believe that your knowledge is one side of the coin you don’t have the knowledge of the other side of the coin and that’s a big problem big big problem , I personally was in the same boat like you but when I decided to skip the knowledge of the other side of the coin every true came out

  11. Wahabis watching planning to attack,murder,butcher for there akhirat

  12. لبیک یا حسین ع

  13. these twelvers and their former freinds the wahabis are all followers of the coming dajjal

  14. This worship of grave of Hazrat Hussain (R) is proved that there is no relation between ISLAM and ** misguided Shia religion,,,,, May ALLAH give ilm to our misguided Shia brothers and sisters ** to know the the ilm of Tawheed.,,,Aameen

  15. This is not right.
    Hope they find the true way

  16. Shrines??? Naozubillah min zalik. From BANGLADESH.

  17. Shirk in Karbala. Insha Allah loser in after life. I surprise that Arabic speaking people ( Shia) are in wrong way.

  18. where is the money coming from

  19. Shirk ka adda Will be destroyed

  20. Don't tell American that security is improving , they will come back ,

  21. Worshipping dead people and hitting ones self isn’t rational nor does it permissible in Islam. If so, please let me know

  22. 🌎 World News 🌎
    Moraccan US National seen with Dubia Crown Prince Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in 2014 is reported to be being detained in Cleveland County NC. Deprived of Personal Financial Documentation Property Right to travel. Insiders report Identity theft impersonation of Successor Heir was reported to US Dept of State & NC Secretary of State Elaine Marshall in 2014 after he was attacked after returning from High profile Business ventures in Dubia Abu Dhabi & India. UAE government officials Alerted of incidents.
    UAE Moraccan US Embassies have been requested to send Consulate Aids to Cleveland County NC USA.

  23. the most revered imam is imam Ali or imam Hussein?

  24. ليس حجاج بل زوار الامام

  25. It is a money-making Mecca, just like Saudi Arabia Mecca 🕋 , Islam ☪️ religion is a money making scheme. Mohammed is just an Arab Disneyland figure. Make that money 💰. Just as Jesus turned of the tables of the money 💰 changers, today those tables are a lot bigger and they make a lot more money 💰.
    The Islamic religion might as well put Mickey Mouse ears 👂 on Mohammed and build a Ferris wheel 🎡 and a roller coaster ride to accommodate all of the happy visitors.

  26. 🕋🕋🕋🕋🕋🕋🕋🕋🕋🕋🕋🕋🕋🕋🕋🕋

  27. He he he, after oil religious tourism is the biggest source of income.
    OMG doesn't that tell you everything that's wrong with the Middle East.
    The one thing the Islamic world beats the rational, enlightened West at
    is religious tourism…..otherwise known as medieval pilgrimage.

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