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๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ถ The struggle to save Iraq archaeological sites after ISIL battles l Al Jazeera English

During their occupation of Iraq, ISIL deliberately destroyed and looted much of the country’s rich archaeological history.
Now, conservation and security experts from Iraq and the EU are trying to save what is left and to build a database to track down and return stolen artefacts to Iraq.
Al Jazeera’s Charles Stratford reports from Baghdad.

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  1. ISIS = israel
    Israel directs the destruction of UNESCO world heritage sites as a form of economic and cultural warfare — yet another crime against humanity perpetrated by the zionist regime in israel.

  2. So painful to see the cultural heritage of Iraq being destroyed! Thousands years worth of History! Shame! I read a comment of moron talking about this as it is cause of Islam. Islamic empires (oumiyad, Abbasid, among many others) rule Iraq and they did not destroy this heritage. All this destruction come from the US and their backed crazy fanatic regimes in the Golf who had enormous amount of money. Also Iran another Shi'a fanatics regime that existed because of European interference. The English removed a democratically modern secular democracy and installed a crazy shah who created a police state.

  3. This is why artifacts need to be kept safe and sound in British and French museums etc, in the West.

  4. We Chaldeans and Assyrians Christians dont have support from anyone and that happened. Our history before islam came in Iraq

  5. No surprise islam is terrorism, demolition,rape, decoit, molestation, killing. World's first terrorist was hajrat muhammad.who destroyed this beautiful earth. Hate you allah (muhammad)


  7. What do you expect from sand monkeys? No culture no economy, the filth of the world.

  8. What islam did to other nations after it came. Natural

  9. If indeed want to save = stop air strikes.

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