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🇮🇶Iraqi tribes under fire over age-old mediation custom | Al Jazeera English

Concerned over the threat to law and order, police officers in Iraq are pushing tribal leaders to find a proper way to settle their disputes.
For decades, tribes have avoided involving the police, often resorting to violence. Settling a tribal feud usually means shots are fired, which may have deadly consequences.

Al Jazeera’s Imran Khan reports from Baghdad.

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  1. I wonder if Saddam would allow this.

  2. Guns are our culture. We dont want an orwellian state stripping us of weapons and turning us into slaves like north korea

  3. Looks like the fraternities causing the people trouble in the name of tribal feuds.

  4. American are the responsible of this all condition only Saddam was the one who can handle iraqi people.but American's don't want anyone alive on this world and also now brown monkey killing his own people now.

  5. The thing that scares me the most.. Is that they keep inbreeding idiots to the world..

  6. 😓😠😡 this people still haven't learned

    In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful

    Tribalism is a pernicious belief that has afflicted all human societies in every time period, originating in the worship of idols and reconstructing itself into many ideological forms throughout the ages. In modern times, we know it as the scourges of racism, xenophobia, supremacism, and militarism. In practice, it rears its ugly head to us in the shape of prejudice, bigotry, discrimination, and violence.

    Allah has commanded us to uphold justice with all other human beings regardless of their race, religion, lineage, status, or identity

    No, rather it is tribalism that he supports his people in wrongdoing.

    Source: Sunan Ibn Mājah 3949,

    Tribalism by this definition has been rejected by Islam in the harshest terms. Tribalism is a form of “blind following” whose adherents live in “ignorance,” an allusion to the pre-Islamic worship of idols.

  7. These people are even worse than us Somalis..they really shot at the house and were even allowed to carry weapons on the streets! This is really sad.

  8. Ladies and gentleman …. this is the OUTCOME of USA democracy international implementation effects

  9. Thats what happens when you let shias run youre Country

  10. OWNING WEAPONS is not forbidden in islam…but their are rules to be followed for the one owning them…and its the imam/caliph who shud pass those law and bring peace among tribes

  11. Luckily in Somaliland, tribal leaders do not arm their affiliates. Mostly, they settle disputes in a fashionable way more similar to democracy.

  12. Wow…its jahilliyah all over again

  13. And we have the stupidity to take in these people as refugees, thinking that a change of scenery will teach them new ways of dealing with problems. Phht.

  14. …this is why death merchants always the source of war. If we want a peaceful world, we need to regulate them!

  15. FATA is now part of KPK. Same should be done here.

  16. Well… in medieval europe; each tribe shall select one of theirs to pursue the case in a public courtyard. Trial by combat, shall god decide inshallah 😂

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