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🇯🇵Japan announces IWC withdrawal to resume commercial whaling | Al Jazeera English

Japan is withdrawing from the International Whaling Commission and will resume commercial whaling next year, a government spokesman has announced.
The move on Wednesday came more than three months after the global body for the conservation of whales rejected a Tokyo-led proposal to lift a 32-year ban on the commercial hunting of the ocean mammals.
“We have decided to withdraw from the International Whaling Commission in order to resume commercial whaling in July next year,” Yoshihide Suga, top spokesperson for the Japanese government, told reporters.
Suda said commercial whaling “will be limited to Japan’s territorial waters and exclusive economic zones”.
Al Jazeera’s Dorsa Jabbari reports.

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  1. Whale meat doesn't make Japanese grow taller, why do they insist whaling?

  2. Nicola Beynon is an awful inhumane racist, she is just a sick Japanese hater. How contradicted she claims "humane society international". It's called HYPOCRITE, not humane anything. Australia and New Zealand are notorious inhumane white supremacist racist nations that have been racially cleansing its aboriginals, it's really laughing crude to claim it humane.

  3. That is a crime against Nature and the rest of the world.

  4. I’m Japanese, but I personally seldom eat whales; it might be one or two times a year. And I feel that I’m not an exception. So I can’t understand why Japanese government is so eager to continue commercial whaling!!

  5. Withdrawing from IWC actually refers to the reducing number of whaling and it limits only in Japanese territorial water but it's amazing so many sick anti-Japanese white/pink Anglo racists are leaving racist comments here. I actually hate Abe Shinzo but now I know why he needed to do it.

  6. where is weeaboo and all westerners who worships Japan?

  7. Japan’s nuclear power plant still releases radiation into ocean. Evil country.

  8. FYI. It’s true that Minke whale used to be in danger of extinction in early 20th. But now the number of them have recovered from 80 thousands to almost 760 thousands, which is safe already.
    Also, Japan kills whales not to eat but to prevent the decrease of the catch, otherwise fish food industry will be beaten up when livestock meat will sell well. They eat whales because just throwing their meat away is such a waste.
    BTW, The Aussies, they export lots of meat to Japan. Fun fact

  9. All whales are endangered, but many species of whales remain on the brink of extinction. And yet meat from critically endangered species is sometimes sold on the Japanese market. It is like the ivory trade. As long as there is a market, there are going to be people killing these magnificent animals for profit, whether legally or illegally.

  10. I do not eat whales, but I do not like people who say that do not eat any whales.
    If you eat any kind of meat, you have no right to judge what they eat.

  11. Japanese are evil people….

  12. But Australian eat kangaroo XD

  13. Overseas European and North American media show cruel photos of whaling on their articles.
    However , let me discuss about seal fishing in Canada and Alaska.
    I asked my western friend and he told me that seals are not smarter than whales, in addition that eating seals is Occidental culture, so there’s no problem.

  14. Last time they withdrew, it was from the League of Nations, so they could start WW II. Beware of Japanese withdrawals!

  15. IWC, Thank you for saving whales for us to eat. Keep doing your job, although we leave you😘

  16. Aquaman will protect the whales

  17. 来年から 日本は 大好きな鯨肉が安く食べられる 良いことだ

  18. 安倍政権政府がかってにやってるだけなのに、日本人全体で捕鯨をやってるみたいに妄想してる外国人ってキチガイやね。

  19. Scientific research, my foot!

    So, Japan decides to stop being hypocritical and chooses to be 'honest' by staying true to their uncivilised nature of being barbaric, come July 2019!

    They have the cheek to ask the world community to respect their traditional diet, forgetting that they must first Respect the lives the Creator placed on Earth to rule the seas.

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