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🇰🇵 Why did Pyong Yang fire new missiles? | Inside Story

After a diplomatic breakdown North Korean has resumed firing missiles.

Once again, Kim Jong Un has put the U.S. and its neighbours on high alert. It happened after Japanese and South Korean defence systems detected projectiles being launched from North Korea.
Critics say Kim is using his military complex to send a politcal message just a week after he travelled to meet president Vladimir Putin in Russia.
That action’s adding to already mounting tensions, after Trump and Kim’s failure to reach an agreement at their summit in Hanoi last February.
So, what message is it sending?
And can diplomacy still reduce tension in the Korean peninsula?

Presenter: Adrian Finigan

Einar Tangen, China political Analyst.
Robert Kelly, professor of international relations at Pusan National University.
Aidan Foster-Carter, honorary senior research in sociology and modern Korea at Leeds University.

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  1. Iran needs to bring out the big gun also-kim knows not to trust them low life americans

  2. The clowns that the world has leading countries at this point have a horrible commonality… and that seems to be their ability to face down any threat by a foe. Kim should remember that this American president has not put nuclear weapons off the table because he knows that according to the art of the deal one cannot take the strongest negotiating points off the table. And there is no doubt that this president would follow through if he goes to the strongest point in a the negotiation. The fact that Kim behaves the way he does at home tells you how much humanity he has.

  3. Why can't Russia and the China fully train and equip both Iranian and North Korean military nuclear and long range missile techniques. This way the world would move to more important things like eradication of poverty and disease. Deliver sufficient warheads freely and we end the madness just like it was done in India and Pakistan.

  4. As far South Korea still acting like hypocrites, so, why not?, they have the rights to do.

  5. We also need to start firing our own nuclear missiles in Africa…or else, second colonization combined with slavery is coming back.

  6. Mr. P & Mr. B gotta go. These guys are not moderates.

  7. I think little Kim jong Uhn is a whittle upset 😡 at Big Brother Russia no Help Little Kim..

  8. he thought the red button was for the FIRE alarm

  9. Where's Trump the Chump and his Art of Bullshit?

  10. aha, the kid is not intruding Robert interview this time around.

  11. the leopard does not lose its sports , go ahead kim

  12. Why worry about wmd, mother nature is going to kill us all…

  13. If Trump forces Iran to attack and it results in a major blockage of the Straits of Hormuz and the price goes to $130/barrel, the US economy will take a hit and Trump may not get elected. I think Trump has said to his attack dogs do what you like but don't start a shooting war. I think this is all for show. Sooner or later somebody won't back down then what? China and Russia just need more time and the Yanks know it.

  14. it sounded all good then buddy turns into a "democrap" and starts spewing the "democrap doubletalk" routine… next…

  15. You can't call Trump "a good deal maker" and watch him offer nonsense deals to people who would be crazy to take them. The guy is an entitled bully who never grew up.

  16. Keep your nukes, get a deal first.

  17. The North has not proven to be trustworthy and has never done what it has promised. President Trump is doing fine without your advise.

  18. Gina Haskell – White Hats rescued many artifacts before Notre Dame was burnt down , but then you have the C_A – Deep State , remember the 1st missile was fired at Hawaii ; the 2 nd missile was fired at Japan and the 3rd missile was launched off the Washington State Coast and fired at Air Force One when the President was going to Asia = all 3 were shot down . Fukushima was an inside job with a small nuclear device (something similar) and placed next to the reactor and detonated .

    DEW = was this weapon used in 911 to vaporize concrete and steel (Dr. Judy Wood) or you saw the blue lights come out of the sky and vaporize Paradise California = cars and trucks were melted and houses cut in half or reduced to ruble . Blue Lights in the sky that were fired at the NJ power grid . I think this is why President Trump and the US Military are bringing the Battle Groups home with their aircraft carriers to save lives. Deep State gave North Korea the nuclear technology in the first place .

  19. Mr. kim wants Trump to know that everything he said in Singapore was just a lie. Any further agreements cannot be trusted because he tells lies and will go back on his word without a second thought. A signature means nothing! Mr. kim has no desire for peace and prosperity in the world unless he is the one in charge and calling all the shots and his words do not matter, he'll do as he pleases because he has stupid and scared people who will do everything he says. I'm sure he and his cronies are home giggling about they actually got the big folks to believe what they said. It's not like they will be held to count on their word!

  20. Why not? Are only a few countries "allowed" to fire missiles?

  21. America never want peace and stability in any region of the world.. Boycott America and make a strong relationship with South Korea and Japan.. Everything will be valueless even US so called toughest sanction..

  22. Kim jong Un is a real hero 💯👍


  24. Professor,wheres your child and wife?))))

  25. North Korea would be fools to give up nuclear weapons. The only thing western caucasians respect is the ability to kill some of them. It is not whether or not you can win but fight back.

  26. Y'all still don't get it, it's all just another of their distractions, if south Korea saw the rockets that means so did the Americans who just happened to have the second largest military base in the world right there in south Korea, why aren't they reacting by destroying it. Wakeyyyyyyy wakeyyy.

  27. Kim's slow day in the office and got bored?

  28. I don't know what's Russia up to NK/US/China/SK/JP….but this Cake, Russia must have some! And thanks for the missile tested, Trump just sold million dollars worth of weapon, the bad news is we are heading to ww3!

  29. Quatar being an authoritarian kingdom who commits horrendous human rights violations wants the dictator of North Korea to stay in power.

  30. You do your viewers no favour by arrogantly and negligently interviewing a Trump enemy to learn Trump's point of view. The only thing revealed is the arrogance of this fool's disrespect. Donald Trump does not ever paint himself into a corner.

  31. America should remove there army from the Korean peninsula, that should easy tensions with the North Korea

  32. There are kids giving better analysis on YT than these 🤡

  33. Why? because Kim just felt like P*ssing into Trump's mouth.

  34. Back in March 2018 I was a conspiracy theorist or was I ?
    Youtube comment
    Every failed missile launch by DPRK was caused by Russia military grade signal jamming equipment. Knowing he can't get a missile off the ground unless Russia says so Kim knowing that the President knows this through "back channels" with both leaders they will all come out looking like heroes to their countrymen. CNN Tapper 03 13 18

  35. I think trump is afraid of Kim while kim has putin and china as a axis

  36. China and Russia is time to show a good lesson to the USA….

  37. WHAT..? TRUMP SAID he has SOLVED THE N.K problem ,that obama ( oh and very other president repubs and demo since the Korean war) started… where is the LOVE

  38. Never make any agreement with the US because they lack credibility to honor their commitments to any agreement, so you be at the losing end because of your ethical commitment to honor and sticking to the letters of such agreements. Your moral and ethical standards and beliefs in honoring your words and deeds will put you in disadvantage or even disaster under an agreement with the US. That is because when the Americans feel that if any term of the agreement is unfavorable to them even after making them, they will not keep to the terms spelled out, but on the other hand when it is disadvantageous to you, you have to "bite the bullets" and follow to the terms agreed upon due to dignity and morals. This is going to be the dilemma working with an American agreement, especially under the current US administration. So to avoid this kind of situation, keep away from making any written agreement with the Americans especially under Trump who have shown his poor moral fiber to stick to any promise.

  39. Boy, can these 'experts' can hide their anti-Trump stance? Geez, this same type of smugness on the other side is all the more reason why he will win again. They forget that it actually took this President to sit with Kim. Could you have even imagined 2 years ago that they would have met twice! Generally, if an agreement is crappy, you scrap it and either redo it or just completely abandon it. You don't stick with a bad treaty.

  40. Robert Kelly, where are kids ?

  41. Kim is maybe forced by forces within North Korea to make a deal with the US. Things are happening secretly in North Korea

  42. Me as NK I would have said lead by example you reduce your stockpile of nuclear weapons. It's just not realistic for any nation to have nuclear weapons to give it up . Look what happened to Libya. And the examples are numerous with America she never keeps her words.

  43. I wonder how long it will be until N Korea goes the same way as CCCP? For it will certainly happen!

  44. How come Saudi Arabia is blessed with oil and American help for bombing Yemen and Nordkorea is punished with sanctions and starvation.
    The Saudi will end up with nukes . Sanctions and sanctions until Nord-Korea do what America says . The USA thinks with enough sanctions North Korea will collapse and America will be great again.

  45. trump is a a reality show host cant trust him

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