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🇰🇷South Korea’s ex-President Lee jailed for 15 years l Al Jazeera English

A court in South Korea has sentenced former President Lee Myung-Bak to 15 years in jail for corruption.

He was found guilty of embezzling around $21m and accepting bribes from Samsung and other companies.

Al Jazeera’s Rob McBride reports from Seoul.

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  1. What about all the other members of the Korean government? Even those who do crimes from the shadow wing. It is heartening to see S. Korea going after Presidents. But in no shape or form can they have done what they did with others to help them commit the crimes they did. And more importantly the Korean government must go after the U.S. criminal offenders, such as those in the U.S. military bases. And also the Korean military.

  2. Samsung has to stop being a control freak.

  3. Korea needs Islam as their religion, as they are committing to do good. May Allahu bless them and open their hearts. Ameeen

  4. Why can South Korea deal with corruption while African & S American
    $hithole countries are incapable ?
    Why is South Korea a successful economy with enviable education
    standards while the aforementioned $hithole countries stagnate ?

    The answer : it is down to the people.
    If the people have no standards and accept unaccountable authority
    then they remain uncivilized.
    Look at the ANC or ZANU-pf , look at Brazil or Argentina or Venezuela.

  5. can't imagine this level of judical independence and integrity in the US….it's unthinkable..

  6. Liberalism: cancer. Not for the west but for the world. These liberal leaders go to every extent to shut you down and file false cases

  7. Did samsung and the other companies also gets punished for giving the bribe?

  8. I admire South Korea how they go after high-ranking government politicians/officials and put them behind bars for corruption. It's different here in the Philippines where we forget what they did and manage to comeback to power..

  9. true democracy is when you have no fear of the powerful and willing to punish those to did wrong even though they are/were at the top job.this is true democracy,well done south korea

  10. So why would North Korea change its system if all its politicians will be at some stage indicted for something and sent to prison…
    North has its own democratic system… Kim style

  11. Is there any president in South Korea that doesn't go to jail? It's like the 3rd one in a row. Don't these people learn? Don't run for president.

  12. Man, Samsung just keeps on sending presidents to jail.

  13. Its always and usual SouthKorean culture.

  14. The forces that actually control South Korea now are the Jeolla tribe cartel. but Jeolla tribe they are not majority in South Korea. so they have been voting their political and tribal party 93% to 97% since 1987. One of four Jeolla tribe are members of their tribal party (This is the official data record of South Korea's Central Election Committee in 2013). If a Jeolla tribe comes out as a representative, the rest of majority South Koreans do not trust them. Jeolla tribe has no reliance and no credibility among in the other South Koreans, even in North Koreans. The past elections in South Korea that Jeolla tribe represents was almost all failed in election except Kim Dae-jung (at that election was the opposite sides was seperated and barely won). So, their stratege is using a figurehead especially they prefer using people from Gyeonsang province as a figurehead. ex-President Roh Moo-hyun and current President Moon Jae-in are figureheads of Jeolla tribe cartel. All the other side presidents went to prison. Especially former President Park Geun-hye was impeached without any evidence and still is imprisoned. And now, Jeolla tribe has been forming a huge cartel organization and communicating with each others secretly since their boss Kim Dae-jung. Jeolla tribe cartel are all disguised as general citizens of South Korea and they have all taken control of the all media, broadcasting, movies, internet portals, history publishing, important officials, Hangul wiki-sites etc.

  15. With freedom comes corruption. Or you can have Kim Jong-Un. Muh, some choice. Make America And Israel Great Again 2018!

  16. Koreas hate their president

  17. If they did this for the UK Parliament there wouldn't be anyone left there.

  18. There is no president in Korea don’t go to jail after presidency. It is the highest risk job ever on earth lmao, millions are nothing compare to the risk alright?!

  19. A businessman turned politician changing policy for the benefit of their business empire is nothing new.

  20. This is the plot of North Koea ,most of the President of ROK who have the hardline strategies with KIM's dynasty ,are imprisoned

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