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🇰🇿 What future for Kazakhstan's youth after Nazarbayev? | The Stream

Millions of people in Kazakhstan are wondering how life will change under a new president, following the decision by long-standing ruler Nursultan Nazarbayev to step down. Nazarbayev announced his retirement on March 19, after nearly 30 years as president. Before his unexpected declaration Nazarbayev was the only president in Kazakhstan’s post-Soviet history. Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, a former chairman of the Senate, succeeds as acting president and will remain in power in the run-up to elections scheduled for 2020. A loyal ally to Nazarbayev over the years, one of Tokayev’s first orders was to ratify changing the name of the Kazakh capital Astana to Nursultan, in tribute to the former president. Meanwhile Nazarbayev will hold power behind the throne, as chairman of the country’s Security Council.

The change comes amid Kazakhstan’s Year of Youth, a government-led plan aimed at improving the lives of young people across the country. Boosting youth employment and education and providing greater access to housing are among the ostensible aims of the programme, which comes amid rising discontent over living standards and a widening income gap between the rich and poor that prompted Nazarbayev to sack the government in February.

In this episode of The Stream we’ll look at the day-to-day lives of young Kazakhs and what is at the forefront of their minds. What are the challenges and difficulties they face, and what are the opportunities they most dearly want? Are they optimistic or pessimistic for the future? And how are young people making their voices heard in Kazakhstan? We’ll ask those questions – and more.

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  1. Thank you for watching, everybody. More from The Stream here: aljazeera.com/thestream

  2. What a waste of 25 min. Who cares what they were doing. Ask questions like "who is the new guy" why not ask for election"

  3. May Allah bless Kazakhstan

    Love From Pakistan ❤️

  4. They are fine. Muslim Brotherhood and Wahhabism need to be kicked out from Kazakhstan and central Asia .

  5. Evil nomadic, gypsies, caravan, infighting, backward tribes who suddenly came into posession of the world's 9th biggest and 1 of the most richest countries on Russian, Uzbek, Cinese lands with the Rissian 70% majority, now wants to become a Kazakh nazi kingdom kleptocracy, tyranny, having genocided and replaced most Russians, then genociding their own. The regime is beyond Evil, nazi, klepto dictatorship in the democratic, global world we live in, this pocket of nazism is in your face white genocide done and saluted by the US, UK globocrats under Jim Giffin and Tony Blair sponsorship, guidance, protection

  6. It's best if they put Juan Guiado as president with the help of Huawei, a Huan Gweido if you will.

  7. WTF he changed the name of capital… in protest all kazakhs should change their toilet name to the last president . lols

  8. Only decorations have been changed but not the corrupt disastrously inefficient System.

  9. I loved the Name Astana….It was such a beautiful name

  10. And to answer you question – Was he loved so much that you can change name of capital?? NO – the public was not asked anything. How can you change a name of capital city just like that? This has hurt the sentiments of majority of Kazakhstan people.

  11. My wife is from Astana, Kazakhstan. All her family has lived in Astana before even the separation from USSR. They are devastated by the name change of capital city. It is almost like dictatorship now. No democracy. No public referendum was done to know the opinion. And people who protested were arrested. No freedom of speech is there for journalists and public. Though he resigned as a President, but he is still influencing the politics of the country. Deeply saddened. Wish they revoke this change of name.

  12. Kazakhstan is the greatest country in the world. All other countries are run by little girls. Kazakhstan has the world's greatest potassium. All other countries have inferior potassium. At least that's how the national anthems goes

  13. Is richie from boston only one of this guys children thats currently still on this old satonists jewtube corperations that he own since he purchased it from billdo clintons pray to play pedo sanctuary cities like Kazakhstan ?

  14. The youth is even more apolitical and ignorant than previous generations. According to some stats, less than 25% of them say that people should be more active in questioning the actions of leaders, compared to 87% of the population as a whole.

  15. Al Jazeera, your moderator should not have interrupted the young woman who was being very real about how hopeless the youth is to ask her a question about infrastructure.

  16. I wish Trump gave the presidency to Bernie Sanders knowing that Sanders would've won if Hillary Clinton didn't steal the primary

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