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🇱🇰 Sri Lanka continues social media ban ‘to prevent violence’ | Al Jazeera English

Sri Lanka’s government is maintaining a ban on most social media.
It says it is necessary to stop the spread of misinformation and the incitement of violence in the wake of the Easter Sunday bombings.
The ban raises questions as to whether it is censorship or a government fulfilling its duty of care to its citizens.
Al Jazeera’s Mereana Hond reports.

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  1. I am Muslim and I will safe guard you when you pray in church ..
    All we need is to protect each other and discourage those who innocent people

  2. Waiting for the next attack to happen elsewhere. Who's religion is next?

  3. Sri Lanka sleep with pakistan in same bed and now look what happens?

  4. indian tamil tigers are involved in this


  6. Bhagao mullo ko srilankan se

  7. Srilankan are brave nation n they will recover soon!!!!

  8. I am from Bangladesh and I suspect Pakistani hand in the attacks . Please google what Pakistani terrorist did to us in 1971.

  9. I am from Baluchistan and I think Pakistan is behind this attack as they do this frequently in Baluchistan.

  10. I am from Pakistani , but I wonder that Pakistani ISI and Hafeez Sayeed is behind the attacks . Who is with me ???

  11. Buddhist terrorists toomuch in srilanka

  12. ISI has been sent to investigate the situation. InshaAllah pakistan will not dissapoint sri lankans. Just like Pakistan helped sri lankans fight against indian terrorists the tamil tigers who were sent by terrorist india to take control over sri lanka.

  13. One does the act, another denies, third seeks sympathy for the killers.. Al jazeera does the third work..

  14. ممكن تعرضوا صورة قائد نمور التاميل وهو شاخص البصر

  15. Freedom of expression should be respected, to be sure, but I personally think this social media ban is a necessary evil, considering the ongoing emergency.

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