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🇱🇰 Sri Lankan gov’t ‘was warned of possible attacks’ | Al Jazeera English

Sri Lanka’s Health Minister Rajitha Senaratne held a news conference in Colombo after a cabinet security meeting.
Senaratne said the country’s police chief wrote a letter on April 9 warning of possible “acts of terror”. In the letter the police chief informed officials to “tighten security for VIPs”.
Seraratne said the cabinet only had access to reports of possible attacks after the assaults.

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  1. Islam strikes again…. Don't say anything you will be crowned as islamphobic.

  2. There just trying to distabilize your countries economic activities such as tourism…so that you will not be able to pay your loans to china and fall to debt trap….and end into total take over….

  3. It’s not “thawheed jamath” but this is a a finch group call “Nantiinal thawheed jamath” because there have many versions of thawheed jamath all of them are very logical and peaceful except think small finch group

  4. Tittle is incomplete, Aljazeera you forget “ possible Islamic terrorist attack”

  5. For sure lets not blame Islam the religion of human suffering.

  6. Ask erDOGan the turkish dictator and the emir of isis and alqaeda in syria.for sure this c*nt funded the bombing in srilanka.we hope russia,china and america and north korea can nuke the animal turkish erDOGan so the christians can take back the constantinople.

  7. It would have been islamaphobic to stop these terrorist attacks. 290 dead is a lot better than being called an islamaphobe.

  8. We regret our sincere condolences and condemn this terror Attack Rest in peace ✌️.
    In this Difficult time We are standing with our Christian brothers and sisters from 🇵🇰 Pakistan.
    Live long Sri Lanka 🇱🇰
    India 🇮🇳 is supplying terror in Sri Lanka 🇱🇰.

  9. civil war, communal violence, how is it possible to carry huge amount of explosive ? question mark arise

  10. Pakistanis love Sri Lanka. Sorry for your loss my brothers and sisters.
    God bless you and your country Sri Lanka 🇱🇰

  11. your translator is not interpreting exactly everything that is mentioned in this press meeting

  12. This idiot is in charge of the country? He's not even able to hold a press conference properly!

  13. Government as well as police are to blame !! Fail to respond in time

  14. Despite the many comments below regarding the translator, I find no issue in understanding what he says. I can only assume the negative comments come from a place of racism.

  15. Once again we found that the NTJ Extreme group funded by Saudi Arabia and other groups in the Persian Gulf and subscribing to Wahhabism, an austere form of Islam was behind this barbaric attack. Such barbaric acts will not stop unless we force their fund managers in Saudi Arabia and gulf countries to stop their money flow and exporting the brutal ideology of Wahhabism all around the globe. America and the Western world must take immediate action to eliminate Wahhabism from this globe.

  16. they could have given the poor bloke a box or something to stand on

  17. Bad translation 👎👎👎

  18. Pakistan stand with Srilanka in everytime two brothers love from Pakistan ..

  19. Condemn ISS and ISI of pakistan. Both are behind the scene.

  20. Horse is trained to be Translater

  21. God protect you all from danger

  22. The guy who is translating should go hang himself…what an Idiot

  23. Unfortunately it seems that the people whom the message was given did not care or think they are irrelevant and time consuming as it only a rumor.

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