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🇱🇰 Sri Lankan president vows security shake-up over attacks | Al Jazeera English

Sri Lanka’s president is promising major changes to the country’s security leadership within the next 24 hours.
He’s admitted intelligence officials did issue security warnings before the Easter Sunday attacks but the information wasn’t passed on to him.
ISIL has claimed responsibility, more than 24 hours after the suicide attacks on churches and hotels.

Al Jazeera’s Florence Looi reports from Colombo.

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  1. These irresponsible top level defence authority and pm should be immediately remove from the chair.

  2. ISIS is just one of the many smokesand the Quran is its Flame that no is brave enough to blame.

  3. Standing with srilankan brothers and sisters love from 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

  4. Suspected Bomber Aljazeera"?
    "Suspected" ?
    He blew himself up. You missed that!

  5. Islam is "piece"; it bring people in coffins piece by piece.And this news channel is owned by such "piece" makers from Qatar…!!

  6. The Allah and writer of Koran should be dig out from tomb and put into prison

  7. what 😲 they got warning 2 weeks earlier ?

  8. Islam is a disease All non muslim countries should come together n eradicate this terrorist religion from the face of earth

  9. Give them heavy punishment execute them otherwise extremist will activate continuesly will kill thousands of innocent people

  10. my Condolences to all our Sri Lankan brothers & sisters… God be with you guys… it's time… now the whole world should say STOP to INDIAN BACKED TERRORISM in neighboring countries! enough is enough! (Edwin, Australia)

  11. Govt didnt act to Indian govt warning as the target is non muslim?

  12. that careless prime minister and the president. resign immediately… !!!!

  13. 🌍🌍🌍Imperialist hate on monotheism, no one is stupid to listen to your stooges🌐🌐🏖

  14. What can u expect from the people of this religion they r worse than a pandemic situation

  15. Unbelievable – this is now looking for scapegoats to hide sheer incompetence accompanied with arrogance in what is a fiasco of government.Yesterday they tried to claim this was in response to Christ Church knowing full well that this was being planned before it and now a senior position that requires thoughtful recruitment is to be filled within 24 hours! What gives!!!The muslim featured in this video is to be commended for highlighting his concerns to the authorities.


  17. The illegal and heavenly prohibited establishment of Zionist Israel in 1948 is the root cause of all these evil terrorist acts through out the world today. Israel will cause WW3

  18. Israel, usa, saud have created the IS(Islamic state). so do not just blame IS.

  19. Retaliation for NZ attack?
    Were the Muslim in NZ killed by a Catholic?
    He was killed by a self proclaimed atheist and white supremacist!
    If they want to retaliate, they ahould have bombed all the non-believeing whitewalkers in Australia, UK or France!

  20. They are brainwashed by arabs. They spread their evil ideology everywhere. Here in Africa we know what they are doing 24/7 to destabilize and destroy countries for their satanic pleasures.

  21. President n PM should step down immediately.also the Defense Minister should resign.tat would be the best shake up in cabinet positions.

  22. He didn't pat the child on her head

    Look closely once again!

  23. ISIS

  24. President is AN IDIOT

  25. ……but it has nothing to do with Islam …but it has nothing to do with Islam …but it has nothing to do with Islam (please repeat ad nauseum)

  26. I love Prophet Mohamaad too much..😘😘😘

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