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🇱🇾 The Death of Gaddafi | The Big Picture

October 20th 2011, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi is dragged from a drain pipe, tortured and killed.

Libya’s self-proclaimed ‘Brother Leader, the one-time revolutionary who overthrew a king and promised a country governed by the people, met his end at the hands of a new generation of revolutionaries, Libyans seeking an end to Gaddafi’s often brutal 42-year rule.

But as the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ uprisings deposed leaders to the east and west of Libya in Egypt and Tunisia, was the fall of Gaddafi inevitable? Was it always destined to be so bloody? And was it simply the unleashed rage of a beleaguered population or were external factors – and external powers – involved in the violence that ripped Libya apart?

This short film uncovers the moments that led up to the protests in the east of Libya and how they turned into a full-scale rebellion. It charts the Gaddafi regime’s response as well as its ultimate demise, and, explores the role of international actors in the break-up of Libya and the death of Gaddafi.

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  1. al jazeera / bbc / nbc its all bullshit a great man who did nothing wrong and many grate things was murdered by the western powers! and for the help he gave my country IRELAND thank you gaddafi

  2. now whats going on in Libya??

  3. libiya are you happy now? foolish



  6. This is what happens when you foolishly try to break from the U.S dollar!

  7. Crazy that the people he was fighting became ISIS.

  8. Can NATO ever do this to nuclear countries like North Korea or Pakistan? I don't think so.

  9. Africa lost a leader who will never be replaced!!

  10. This the world if hilliary takes over people
    To see Hillary Clinton laughing saying "we came we saw he died"
    Is disturbing

  11. America and Israel big tourist countries

  12. nice world we live in

  13. The whites running to help with Gaddafi problem yet they watch so many other more great tragedies continue. Pretentious and calculating as always . They knew Gaddafi would make Africa great by preaching unity and self dependence from the whites. The whites should learn to keep their legs in their country.

  14. And y’all wonder why every country hates America?? They killed him and Arafat for nothing… Well oil and weapons

  15. Rebels code word for terrorists

  16. Look out how free libya is now, that's liberation and democracy looks like. Would rather prefer Gaddafi over being "free"

  17. Ok my thing is this if we all see n know that Gaddafi was trying to free his ppl…why come his ppl didn't see it wtf…

  18. So many lies in this world it is sad

  19. He killed kazafi then he is poor

  20. Like what they did to my country (philippines)in 1986 . Some US senator's plotted the ouster of our great leader President Ferdinand Marcos and replaced him with a communist founder's wife Corazon LAME Cojuangco Aquino ( tied worst president of philippines with STUPID Estrada)Ronald Reagan had a hand on it , betrayed Marcos who considers him a friend . What happened to Gaddafi was a 100 x worse, I feel sorry for him and Marcos. Theres a saying "Dont fix it if it aint broken"

  21. Mohammad and his followers are fighting and killing each other.

  22. A leader 42 years
    And killed by he's people he ruled for a long time
    They Killed Like That 😭😭😭😭
    Muamar Qadafi He's Not Only The Leader Of Libya He' Was Also The One Of African Herro Leaders We Love Him And We Pray For Him Anytime My Allah 🙏 Give Him❤️
    Mercy Jannatul Firdowsl Acla Allahuma Amen.
    From Somalia

  23. look at libya now without gadafi

  24. America is the dictatorship and you are all blind by them

  25. They then went to fight in Algeria to secure the oil pipeline that Gaddafi installed

  26. What are you going to do?? Cease fire,war peace?

  27. I would never get embroiled in the earth's politics or religion

  28. Republic of America, fascist communism

  29. Two parties for a huge country

  30. Troubled America is a communist state a Republic

  31. What promises were these defectors given

  32. Not bad for a non Muslim eh

  33. Free electricity,houses for his people

  34. The west were angry because of Gaddafi installed gold bars

  35. The lybians were given what the Jews didn't agree with and the west??

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