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🇱🇾 UN condemns latest attack on Libya’s Tripoli, mulls ceasefire | Al Jazeera English

The United Nations says an attack on residential neighbourhoods in Libya’s capital Tripoli could amount to a war crime.
At least seven civilians were killed and 20 injured during shelling on Tuesday.
On Wednesday, funerals were held in Tripoli’s Martyrs’ Square for those who died in the rocket attacks by forces loyal to renegade military leader Khalifa Haftar.
Soldiers loyal to Haftar and forces belonging to the internationally recognised government are fighting for control of the city.

Al Jazeera’s Mahmoud Abdelwahed reports from Tripoli.

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  1. Muamar muamar come back

  2. This place have no hope

  3. Haftar wants to control the whole country. Tripoli based govt cant defend itself.
    Everyone wants to save their interests and befreind the winning side.
    Saudi has funded haftar. Qatar funded tripoli govt so its very sad.

  4. Libya people only bullshit people. The lazy people on earth.

  5. UN should now tell the government they call government to surrender immediately to STOP killings since ever since they never STOPPED the first overthrow, nothing she(UN) can do other than accepting defeat for these worrier to take over, recognize him and let life continue. Those in government should surrender and become humble citizens but live!.

  6. if Libya wants to free from this war.they have no solution. through Nato and US. personals out of Libya.and ask Russia to take over to peace the country. only solution.

  7. What did they think at the time they were eliminating Gaddafi?

  8. Indian government is displaying this channel is funded by Qatari government whenever I play Al Jazeera video on YouTube.

  9. CIA,. Mossad are terrorist

  10. 7 killed and these people call this a war crime? They should take a vacation to 1930s-50s gulags, and or the German Reich, or the horrendous conditions of the British Raj. This is truly what we would call "Peace for our time".

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