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🇲🇦Morocco’s teachers debate: Classical Arabic or local dialect l Al Jazeera English

Educators in Morocco are asking what language is more important to be taught in schools.
Some say its classical Arabic, while others prefer the more local version.
The mix of languages is also being blamed in part for high drop-out rates, and now teachers want the government to make an official decision.
Al Jazeera’s Hiba Morgan has more.

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  1. Let's see: Classical Arabic, a language that no-one speaks on an everyday basis and in which nothing is written of any modern importance. How about teaching in the Moroccan Arabic and in Berber, depending on the ethnic group, that children and young people really use, and teaching French, as well, a language in which a great deal that is modern and worthwhile is composed?

  2. Are Moroccans even arab any more? They are so confused about their identity the French has destroyed their culture.

  3. They should try to teach both, i feel like the education in standard arabic and french is not enough for them to be able to speak it fluently. They should get more lessons. That is the real problem.

  4. Arabic (fusha) should be the main language, and English as a secondary language introduced after elementary.

  5. I remember I think Singapore teaches at least three languages to all students. So this is a problem with the education system. Look at the classroom those children were in, totally bland and unexciting, you can see easily why the dropout rate is so high when middle schoolers get to the legal age of dropping out.

  6. Neither Berber or Arabic are Indigenous to Africa. Both can be deported back to Arabia.

  7. I really appreciate the secular environment & tolerance towards religious minority of Qatar, except they hav no minority alive

  8. I recommend English for higher pay later in life

  9. They should teach both and use classical Arabic as international language and the local dialect as national language.

  10. If they stop teaching the classical Arabic it would be such an embarrassment. What a shame, the division among our people caused by the west is only being furthered. What foolish rulers we have, and foolish people doing nothing but wait wasting away their youth. If they do this i'll genuinely be embarrassed to be Moroccan. The problem with the schools isn't the languages its that the Moroccan people don't value knowledge. None of them go to school to learn, compared to the western nations our people are lazy and want things handed to them (youth that are in school). 60% of college students don't even graduate while school is free, an embarrassment. Clearly the people in control have no clue what they are doing, and the people being ruled over couldn't care less if their lives or their children's go to waste. Doing this will only strength our enemies and dim our connections with the rest of our people, simply creating a greater divide. Wow I can't believe they are blaming the language for their dumb kids not attending school, language has nothing to do with it, it can be learned easily if one chose to learn it, our youth are just a product of their parents, pathetic and lazy, hence why our civilization is so far behind the rest of the world. Keep being pathetic and lazy until you realize what you've wasted when the time is up. I find it funny how we are so prideful of our heritage yet the majority, with rare exceptions, live their lives without a goal to further themselves as humans, living a pathetic life centered around lesser pleasures and leading mundane lives, with no end in mind. These youths are just a product of their parents, whom they've observed and have replicated their way of life, for who else can a child learn from if not from his parents. This is the result of the idea that our people are plagued with, just have children and lots of them. For what? Are they going to be great citizens? If not then don't have children, we already got enough bad ones. Having a child isn't about just fornicating and conception, but the main part of it is teaching the child, and clearly the children have nothing to learn from parents that have nothing to teach, aside from their laziness and pathetic way of being. Now laziness doesn't mean not a hard worker, I don't care if you work 12 hrs a day, if you could use your brain and make it more efficient and make it 8 hrs and have the same outcome. That's what I refer to laziness, people don't want to be efficient and just waste their time instead of perfecting and improving. Compared to the rest of the world were in the stone age, wait until AI comes, there will be no such thing as Morocco, for it will be taken by whom ever pleases, since we will not be able to hold our own against such forces considering how behind we are. Changing the language will remove the only sense of unity we have with other Arab nations, our true allies, without it, us joining forces in the future, and establishing greatness as our ancestors once did will be near impossible (through means of unification), exactly what our opponents have in mind as well. If you advocate for this you're a fool, for there is no correlation between language and percent graduation/attended, a fool that is eager to bring an end to his people.

  11. Here is an easier solution: remove the Arabic language entirely and keep the Amazigh language as the only official language. The second language should be English and third should be French. Arabic language should only be teached for religious purposes.

  12. استمرار عقدة البربر من العربية
    اقذر شعب في درب التبانة

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