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🇲🇽 Mexico to deport asylum seekers who tried to breach US border | Al Jazeera English

After protests on Sunday that reached the US border fence, almost a hundred Central Americans were deported from Mexico.
Some Central American asylum seekers have decided to return home after being repelled at the US border by barbed wire and tear gas.
But while some are giving up their dream, others are just arriving, further stretching resources at makeshift camps.

John Holman has more from Tijuana.

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  1. The farmers are desperately looking for employees. The crops are rotting, but these people refuse to work in the land

  2. Both, Mexico and the USA have the right and the reasons to kick them out. They don't respect authority, they are just useless invaders

  3. They refused Mexico because In America they will get welfare. WELFARE is the magic word

  4. They refused asylum in Mexico. Why is America having asylum interviews with them? Send them back. They lost their right to seek asylum when they refused Mexico's offer

  5. Buh Bye Illegal Border Crossing Criminals.

  6. Americans can be so generous, but they are no pushovers. Good job! Protect your country from any invaders.

  7. Pepper spray makes a person uncomfortable for a few hours; no one dies and no one requires hospital treatment. These foreigners were trying to break through our borders and some of them were violent. I am OK with real border enforcement.

  8. Let them stay there as long as they want; we don’t want them.

  9. Fleeing Poverty oh really that's why there all wearing brand new shoes and SNEAKERS AND HATS AND backpacks and carrying new cellphones and u call that fleeing from POVERTY.lets see these ILLEGALS turned down Asylum and housing and JOBS and medical and other benefits from the Mexican president so stop LYING u have been Exposed.

  10. This is simply and clearly “asylum shopping.

    Why trek 2,000 miles north to the US border?

    Why not migrate to Costa Rica? It’s safe, next door and shares the same language.

    Why not migrate to Mexico? They’ve been offered asylum, free housing, free health care, and jobs.

    Clearly, they are economic migrants shopping for the best deal.

  11. "Asylum seekers".. stay where they are safe. Opportunist Go where they see is more Beneficial…..
    Mexico gave them asylum right off the bat. But they want to go to the U.S.A to claim what is "Rightfully They'res as HUMANS"… 😂🤣😂
    Dubai here I come!.. 😉😏🤣😂

  12. Get out of Mexico please and clean up your mess because your not welcome anymore….throwing rocks and using kids…

  13. Oh no! Migrants don't go back. MISERY loves company, the Democrats desperately need you. It's not enough that the democrats are making America miseralble, they want the while World miserable, starting with south America.

  14. If they don't want to work in Mexico send them all BACK to their countries!

  15. I seen a live stream there all the news was taking pic off kids they only show what they need to not the truth sad pure men in that caravan

  16. They don't want to be pay in pesos they want dollars that's why they want to come to USA.

  17. Many thousands of Americans woke up this morning cold in a tent as well right here in America!

  18. Lesson learned trying to come into my house and break in

  19. Those parents or adults are unfit to be taken care of children by dragging them across the boarder

  20. All over the world there is violence Sudan,MEXICO,Venezuela,Etc…
    everyone wants to come to the U.S,
    There is immigration laws and they apply to all immigrants. HONDURANS ARE NO EXCEPTION!

  21. send them all back every single one of them


  23. Yeah Winter's coming and the migrants still don't have the Night King riding the blue Viscerion to break the wall !

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