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🇲🇽Mexico’s new president faces staunch divide l Al Jazeera English

Mexicans are expecting the start of major changes when their new president is inaugurated in a few hours.
Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, often known as AMLO, is promising to clean up corruption and crack down on crime by the drugs cartels.
But his early actions, including cancelling a $13bn airport project, have spooked both the business sector and those who worry he will gather power to himself, rather than relying on Mexico’s institutions.
Al Jazeera’s John Holman reports.

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  1. EVANGELICAL-COMMUNIST puppet president

  2. López Obrador is the mexican Donald Trump.

  3. Terrible news report. It lacks in-depth analysis and mainly only interviewed the opposition.

  4. Ok it has begun, get ready for total onslaught against Obrador because he is a progressive kust like Morales from Boliva, Maduro from Venezuela. You will see how the media will attack Amlo how they never cared to attack right wing neo liberals who for decades have caused the poverty in Mexico and many LatAm countries.

  5. Finally, USA, los Zetas aka the American cartel and Israel have a submissive, puppet dictator in Mexico to do what they always wanted: Take over PEMEX.

  6. What shamefully poor reporting. Do they even know what reporting is?
    AMLO is unlike any career politician in Europe or America . Aside from always having walked his talk, AMLO listens, he is pragmatic and is wise enough to surrounded himself with intelligent and relevant people – such as billionaire, businessman Alfonso Romo, Tatiana Clouthier who holds a lot of esteem and political currency (her father was a politician in the conservative PAN party)…. and many others.

  7. Which Cartel has this guy in their pockets?

  8. AMLO = Puppet of Los Zetas and Trump organization = Organized crime

  9. Viva la raza obrera y chichimeca!

  10. I don't think that socialist B is going to honor the new trade agreement. I a

  11. The airport money was split right according to work according to the president and the easy jobs were given , not offered

  12. are you aware how india's news groups such as timesofindia are spreading anti-muslim propaganda in india, timesofindia news anchor falsely claims on live tv that '..hindus are under siege in india..' because elections in india are closeby, undermining secular democratic india

  13. NO SOCIETAL DIVIDE. What are you talking about. The only ones against him are those currently in govt, whether municipal or federal because they end up loosing…ni more easy money. As for the airport, it would not have brought greater economy to the locals. You need to take care of the people before spending outrageous monies on a priduct that most will not use. Cut the bs

  14. Hello, Humans. My name is Terrance. How are you doing?


  15. Looks like Assange in disguise..

  16. Por fin un hombre que hará historia en México gobernará el país afortunado somos de que podremos ver este cambio en el país muchos dicen que es una mierda y dirán lo que quieran por ideologías políticas pero este hombre está preparado académicamente y intelectualmente.El pueblo voto por el no por ser ignorantes si no por qué ya están artos de abusos y miserias de parte de los dirigentes que habían gobernado el país si no le damos la oportunidad a un cambio cómo podemos saber si nos irá mejor o peor denle una oportunidad ustedes creen que si seguimos con el mismo sistema de Gobierno nos irá bien?.Dejenme decirles que no si seguimos así no podrá evolucionar el país lo que sucederá es que seguirá subiendo la Deuda con Usa y los precio por los alimentos,productos,Precio por gasolina,Impuestos todo seguirá subiendo hasta el punto que nos quedaremos en la ruina con salarios que apenas lograríamos subsistir.Mexico tiene todo los recursos naturales para lograr ser país de primer mundo pero no lo es debido a la mala forma de gobierno que existen ustedes creen que la reforma energética nos beneficio?.El precio de la gasolina durante el gobierno de Peña Nieto se fue excesivamente arriba y de la devaluación del Peso mexicano ni se diga cómo a subido estos últimos años y si seguimos en este sistema de gobierno cada ves será peor.Recuerden esta frase:el Hombre decide y el esclavo obedece.Ustedes que son Hombres o esclavos?.Se dejaran influenciar por aquellos que quieren seguir hundiendo al país y ser esclavos o prefieren ser hombres con la capacidad de decidir un cambio el cual puede mejorar al país.Se los dejo a vuestra desicion.

  17. Good luck Mexico! Love from the USA, and please don't let my nation bully you anymore. Again, I wish all of you the best.

  18. Cant wait for this moron's own people to take him down. Gotta love leftists

  19. Communist-Evangelical U.S leftist puppet dictator.

  20. Wow what a bunch of lies in this content!!!! Iam from Mexico and all of this was a lie !!!! No wonder the world is dumbed!

  21. Polarization? He won by the most popular vote in the entire history of Mexico. Even among his political enemies there has never been such a degree of agreement amongst rivals. So this is what Trump was talking about with "Fake News." You guys just want to make up a story and stir controversy to sell the audience a soap opera when in fact your audience is better informed than you are. How times have changed where kids with phones know more about what's going on than these top notch "reporters."

  22. But… will he pay for the wall? 😀

  23. The best president that Mexico will have in a long time. With record numbers of approval from Mexicans.

  24. I hope this man can curve the violence and influence of the cartels. Mexico is too much of a beautiful place to let the criminals occupy.

  25. The Mayans predicted this presidency. Prophesy had this year and his birthplace correct….wow
    Don't let our ancestors down AMLO!!!!

  26. Mexicow is a sweaty nightmare.

  27. Imran Khan and AMLO

  28. Mexico is just gonna be Mexico.. like North Korea is going to be North Korea.. !

  29. I like mexico share good blessed mexico❤❤❤❤

  30. Socialism has come to Mexico good luck guys who he doesn’t murder all of you after fully taking power

  31. Hope the people of Mexico have a good President who works for the people, love from Britain❤️

  32. Trump, will this new one pay for the wall? Remember the old President of Mexico told you F.U.

  33. Hey mexican President keep ypur dam ppl there on your own country we do not want them here in the US …💘 from a Democrat..and yes i am one and no im not for just letting them in dont care how many brats they have and how bad it is there..my grandmother came here legally from Hungary you can do it too.

  34. I never thought that Jazeera news media, will give fake news about something so easy to verify. Another fake news source. What a shame.

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