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🇳🇵 Nepal’s Children at Risk | 101 East

Thousands of foreigners come to Nepal each year, offering to help children living in poverty.

Some provide money, others work for aid organisations or even set up charities.

But police say some come for more sinister purposes.

A rising number of foreigners have been arrested for allegedly sexually abusing children in recent months.

This 101 East investigation finds many of the accused worked for charitable organisations or were financially supporting poor children and their families.

“They’re misusing their power and they’re exploiting our children,” says Kabit Katawal, Deputy Superintendent of the Nepal Police.

One of those on trial is Peter Dalglish, a world-renowned aid worker who has spent the last two decades helping some of the world’s most vulnerable children, from Africa to Afghanistan and Asia.

In a rare interview from behind bars, Dalglish insists he is an innocent man caught up in a police crackdown.

While Nepal recently introduced tougher penalties for anyone convicted of child sex abuse, advocates say much more needs to be done to protect children.

“There is a Sanskrit saying: ‘Guests are like God’,” says Pinky Singh Rana, a human rights activist and board member of Saathi, a local organisation that counsels abuse victims and their families.

“So when foreigners befriend and build up very close relationships with the parents of some of these abused boys, then for them, it’s even harder to believe.”

On this episode, 101 East investigates how those meant to protect children can sometimes be their predators.

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  1. Hahah! Just keep them away from our politicians. Don't let them fall for the old "congressional page" gimmick.

  2. The whole country is corrupt. And the only one they blame is India for the 2015 blockade. What they don't understand is that by severing ties with India and crony kissing China will drag Nepal on the brink of destruction by being a victim of Chinese debt traps, for instance, see Sri Lanka and Pakistan's pretty sure to be the next one. I hope it changes for my fellow Nepali brothers and sisters. Jai Nepal

  3. Do investigate nirmala rape and murder case….

  4. How are these foreigners able to find these children? They just walk down the street and pick up a child?

  5. It's happening all over the world. Poor countries are heaven for Old men from developed countries. The number of abused children and woman in the West is also high and most part of the cases are not reported.

    Help Nepal to develop. Please spread only fact news.

  6. Buddists is soooooo peaceful🤔 Right ?

  7. 6:40 lol u just had to choose that picture

  8. I dare you to make such an incisive documentary regarding the abuse of labourers from Nepal by Qatar government

  9. Gotta be honest, even though this country is poor, their living standards and cleanliness is far more better than Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. Might be 10% of the country's area is dirty, but the rest are majestic.

  10. It is true that, guest are god for us and Nepalese people easily believe on foreigners. We need to have awareness program to make people understand the darkside. As shown on the video, as a parent we should analyse why a person would help them without any motive. This is kaliyug, we can not believe someone blindly. We have to make sure our children are safe and secured.

  11. Nepalese Police are doing a good job through surveillance and acting on tip offs.

  12. I see a lot of RACIAL comments on here is it really all white men doing this???????

  13. Plz plz do video for nirmala murder case its should be international news as its a high risk Case .

  14. Abhi to nepal ko bhut barbad hona hai sale lalchi log china ki gand chatne lge,,,

  15. I am stunned with this case happening in my village I have seen him several times and he provide financial support to some of the families and those family respect him but what about those young people thay have to pay a lot than they get from him feeling what they are going through. Such a unhumanitarian

  16. Dalglish looks so sinister.

  17. most of nepalese they don't know about gay most of old gay guys coming to Nepal doing that kind of work

  18. We know about it,thanks for documentation,still sorry to say this documentation changes nothing,hope you enjoy fliming corrupted nation

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