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🇳🇿 Grief and frustration as families wait to bury NZ attack victims | Al Jazeera English

Most families of those killed in Friday’s attacks are still waiting to get back the bodies of their loved ones. For them, the grief is raw.

Al Jazeera’s Andrew Thomas visited one family to hear about the man who left Afghanistan 36 years ago to live in New Zealand and his son they lost.

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  1. We afghans left Afghanistan to be safe it’s sad that we lost so many people specially while praying. Their place has been chosen by Allah heaven. Khudawand behest ra Naseebshan konad amen.

  2. Rip beautiful soul….😞

  3. Must kill the terrorest

  4. May his soul rest in peace, to jannat al firdaous… 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  5. Guardian News
    I don’t endorse violence of any kind- here is fact:
    According to A BBC article and testimony from parents of 2 men who were radicalized into extremist terrorist Islam, It was the Christchurch mosque that was training and radicalizing terrorists that killed people abroad!
    In 2013 the USA killed 2 such radical Islamist Muslim Terrorists from Christchurch New Zealand in 2013- in Yemen in a drone strike!….”just so you know!”
    The crazy NZ woman is now going to punish 13,000 innocent law abiding citizens by taking their guns!!
    The terrorist shooter traveled all over the world…who paid for this extravagance?
    And why???

  6. Is that little girl that old man's child bride

  7. A white christian terrorist. let him live lets see how happy he can be. he might end up kill himself in the head

  8. May The Lord grant him paradise.

  9. How you like some of your own medicine?
    Not all white people are stupid enough to tolerate been invaded by the Cancer of Islam.
    When it comes to terrorismo, you are the champions, expect retributions.

  10. why they just don't call him a terrorist instead of gunman???? he is a terrorist not a just a gunman!!!!

  11. As a new Zealander one person's act of cruelty does not make the people of new Zealand the same. we are genuinely a peacefull country in comparison to what happens in other country's I'm proud to be new Zealander!! Some of the comments are unbelievable!!

  12. May Allah almighty grant him JANNATUL FRIDAUS Aameen thuma Aameen and all souls

  13. Remember when the news media used to respect the grieving families and not shove cameras in their face.

  14. Hello brother… rest in peace

  15. I just saying. New Zealand people very good people. And new Zealand pm is the best in the world love new Zealand love new Zealand people. Love new Zealand pm. Mohammed from Bangladesh

  16. انشاالله جنت فردوس نصیبش خواهد شد انشاالله

  17. That's so said oh my God plz help us

  18. Children die consider that .

  19. I feel so sorry for this family and all the other families who's relatives have been killed by this piece of garbage.

    May God comfort them and give them strength.

  20. My heart breaks for the grieving families 😢 may Allah grant ease for all

  21. So sad. The first guy that the terrorist killed was an Afghan and the last he got chased by was also an Afghan.🇦🇫🇦🇫🇦🇫🇦🇫 may allah give us Peace

  22. May Allah grant him the highest Rank in Janna. However, New Zealand got one of the most top Quality Prime minster I have never seen. Love and salute to her from Afghanistan 🇦🇫

  23. May Allah grant your father Paradise..

  24. God bless brothers and sisters I'm so sorry

  25. Que dieu soulage vaut cœur inchallah 🌹🌺👏❤️🕌

  26. I love people of NZ because they are stand with humanty around the world best PM New Zealand I wish I will visit NZ because you win my heart I love you all

  27. 😢😢😢😢

  28. Here in my society (India) if a dog goes crazy he is put to death while making him run. i think the same think should be done to this fake white nationalist.

  29. It hard it difficult but we can not be full of hatred if we allow ourselves to be fuled up with this anger then there no turning back from what we do with it

  30. Allah as my witness, Afghanis are one of the most decent people out there, extreme generosity and modesty, I love you so much for the sake of Allah , may Allah aZza wa jall give all the people who have been affected by harm, sakeena and may he bless us all all with Janna where we shall meet InshaaAllah ta'ala!

  31. shame on white Christian terrorist. newzeland neverever let anymore evil to damage your peaceful country

  32. 😭😭😭😭

  33. May Allah grant them the highest jannah!

  34. He should get the death penalty. There’s no evidence he’s crazy.

  35. The stupid Brandon Tarrant should be hunged publicly or police should have shot him. What a mental stupid human being. Inshallah brother haji daoud is in jannatul firdaus

  36. The Zionist signature should front the bill.

  37. That isreal Americsn terriest must be hacnked public

  38. My condolence to New Zealanders peoples

  39. RIP Haji Davod 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  40. That Terrorist must have Death penalty……….

  41. I never saw so much coverage given to the countless number of victims of Islamic attacks in Europe. Quite the opposite in fact. When you die you get to mourn and you get to rub it in our faces. When you kill us (90 percent of the time) our media and governments HIDE DEAD WHITE PEOPLE and make out you are the true victims. We are sick of it.

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