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πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­ Philippines: Rappler journalist Maria Ressa arrested for libel | Al Jazera English

Authorities in the Philippines have arrested journalist Maria Ressa, who leads a news website that has clashed with President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration.

In a live stream posted by Rappler on Wednesday, officials of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) cybercrime unit were shown speaking to Ressa inside the news website’s headquarters. The NBI is a government agency under the Department of Justice.

Rappler earlier said that an officer has prohibited its journalists from taking photos and videos inside her office, where the arrest warrant was served.

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  1. Her arrest has nothing to do with the president. She was arrested because of her stupidity period.

  2. Hambog ka kasi Maria Ressa sa kayabangan mo nasilip ka tuloy ni tatay Digong. Your case of illegal business in the Philippines with Rappler not because Duterte administrations wanted to stop you by doing your job as a writer or what ever, and you were not paying taxes since then. So no matter what negative comments about dutertes administrations is nonsense and baseless. All illegals, corruptions drugs and criminals must end on his term.

  3. I love Ressa defending freedom of the press!! Keep reporting, no to Marcos injustice stripping press powers. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

  4. country of UAE. Saudi arabia and other gcc country is correct on blocking this aljazeera in their country,because it was a fake newsmedia. Philippines should do that also.

  5. Before this foreign press/orgnization or whoever you are please before you people intervene or criticize our goverment take a look or do your research very well on maria ressa/RAPPLER, what she and so called company have been doing eversince tatay digong become president.And WE FILIPINOS WERE VERY HAPPY that finally because she really deserved it( opps sorry I'm making my own conclussion alreadyπŸ˜€)!!! She is One of those BiG thorns in our country (RIP)

  6. ressa is a soros lapdog,she's out to destroy the phil from within and bring "regime change",btw she's no longer a filipino citizen,she talks in perfect call center english to win favor from the globalists

  7. If ressa publish all those lies about our philippine governments she deserve to be in jail

  8. to Al Jazeera. record breaking . MORE DISLIKE THAN LIKE πŸ˜€

  9. Maria Ressa arrest, dapat lang kasi too much disrespect and fake news. Buti nga sa iyo.

  10. Ressa is a "US Citizen" so go figure why she's being patronized by the foreign press.

  11. Maria ressa can be multi awarded drama queen of liesπŸ˜’

  12. Get this idiot woman out of our country…you can keep her at your station we dont want fake people in our beloving country

  13. She should be jailed. She keeps on proliferating fake news. A fake news queen indeed. A fact checker that needs to be fact checked. Anyway her case is cyber libel filed by an ordinary citizen and the government has nothing to do with it. We are entitled to freedom of expression but we are not entitled to used that freedom of expression to violate someone's right.

  14. Maria ressa is queen of fake news and do ur research..

  15. Shame on her, , she trying put the Good man down, Our ever Loving and Working President Duterte, , we will protect our Country, Filipino are very much aware of Her agenda, , she is an evil woman, who really want to destroy our country and she will do all the drama ang Black propaganda just to put back her political Party back in position so they can do graft and curruption again just like before..BUT GOD GIVE DUTERTE NOW TO FILIPINO AND WE WILL NOT ALLOW SUCH SELFISH AGENDA OR DESTABILIZATION PLAN OF RESSA AND THOSE PEOPLE BEHIND HER BACK, ,GOD BLESS PRESIDENT DUTERTE! GOD BLESS THE PHILIPPINES!

  16. Majority of the Filipinos loves to see that lady behind the bars haha


  18. 90% of filipinos will be really happy is she spend the rest of her life in jail 😊


    You want to fact check this arrest of Maria Ressa due to cyberlibel? Consider these:

    1. The case stemmed from an article posted by Rappler IN MAY 2012 against a businessman, Wilfredo Keng, whereby the said article alleged that CJ Corona used an SUV owned by Keng during his impeachment trial.

    2. Keng sued not because of the SUV angle but because the Rappler story maliciously imputed that he is engaged in human trafficking and illegal drugs.

    3. Keng sued for cyberlibel in OCTOBER 2017, or 5 years after the original story was posted. There was no cyberlibel law yet when the story came out IN MAY 2012. The Cyber Libel Law came in effect SEPTEMBER 2012.

    4. However, instead of heeding the request of Keng to take down the story, Rappler posted an update on the same story in FEBRUARY 2014, when the cyberlibel law was already in effect.

    5. Last January 10, the DOJ found probable cause against Maria Ressa, reporter/researcher Reynaldo Santos Jr. and Rappler for cyberlibel.

    6. The DOJ rejected the motion of Ressa’s camp to dismiss the charge based on their argument that the filing was beyond the one year prescription period. The DOJ said that under the cyberlibel law, there is no 1 Year prescription period indicated.

    7. Judge Rainelda Estacio-Montesa issued a warrant of arrest dated February 12, 2019, TUESDAY.

    8. Ressa had the whole day of Wednesday, Feb13, 2019 to post bail. But she did not do so, and instead, invited media people to her office prior to the arrival of the NBI personnel who were to serve the WOA.

    These are the facts.

    Walang drama yan, unlike Maria Ressa and her gang of snowflakes in media like Karen Davila, Inday Varona, and others.

    Go ahead. Check them.

  20. This libel case existed since 2012 before the current president. That woman creates disinformation even when bound to be jailed. What a waste of existence. A puppet is a puppet. Her so-called company is even illegitimate.

  21. Finally they arrested this man! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  22. Dismissed in 2012,? Fake news again! Al Jazeera English, tell your reporters from the Phil’s to get their facts first otherwise you will also be Part of the media operatives of spreading fake news!

  23. Maria ressa tomboy queen of fake news

  24. Apparently, the mainstream media is not telling/reporting the whole truth. Shame!

  25. majority of the filipinos are in favor of the arrest of this rude ugly lady..she abused her position as a journalist..it's too much democracy in the philippines..we hated her..al jazeera know the truth, ask local fililipino citizen about her articles which is destroying the image of our country which is not true..we love our country and we dont want somebody to ruin it!!!!!!

  26. Queen of Fake News…
    We filipinos are happy to see her go to jail.. KARMA IS REAL!!!

  27. she's a dual citizen, kick her out of Philippines and deport her to US!


  29. Thank god the law finally caught up with our incorrigibly corrupt media. May Maria Ressa pay for her crimes against the truth, against God, against the Filipino people.

  30. Now I'm starting to hate US media; biased, only siding to the accused. Do your research right. Ressa is now weaponizing media on her benefit! Wow!

  31. al jazeera get your facts straight!

  32. Helllooooo.. Rappler has been a media outlet without proper permits and licensing and with foreign funding which is illegal under Philippine law. Sounds familiar Al jezeera πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

  33. QUEEN Maria Ressa said……Don’t be silenced by the government. SPEAK OUT!…..Really? She is picturing the present state of our country to foreign Countries as if we are living in a repressive regime! Is Senator Trillanes a staunch critic of Duterte being Silenced? Is Risa Hontiveros an Anti-Duterte Senator being Silenced? Is Sen. de lima, a #1 Duterte hater being silenced? Or tortured? Are the Anti-Duterte media like The Daily Inquirer or Media giant ABS-CBN being silenced? Are the opposition or the communist progressive bloc in congress bring silenced?? NO!!!! Queen Maria Ressa has this ROYALTY EGO OF ENTITLEMENT!!

  34. She should be locked out!

  35. She's spreading manipulated fake news!!! It's about time for this evil woman!!!!

  36. Maria Ressa deserves that!

  37. It’s about time! Justice served!

  38. Maria Ressa is the head of FAKE NEWS!!

  39. Filipinos who are now subscribed to AL JAZEERA you should be unsubscribed, This is unreliable source of news, full of BIAS!!! Thumbs up if you agree.

  40. Maria ressa shes spreading lies in the philippines like CNN and other media

  41. Fake news queen!! Rappler like buzzfeed becoming irrelevant hahaha! God is good

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