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πŸ‡΅πŸ‡° Pakistan clears Christian woman in landmark blasphemy case | Al Jazeera English

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Pakistan’s Supreme Court has acquitted a Christian woman convicted for blasphemy, prompting protests by far-right groups that have been demanding her execution for years.

Aasia Bibi, 53, a native of the central Pakistan village of Ithan Wali, was accused by two Muslim women of having insulted Islam’s Prophet Muhammad and the Quran during an argument sparked by their refusal to drink water from the same vessel as her in 2009.

Al Jazeera’s Scheherazade Gaffoor reports.

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  1. Salute to the Pakistan military and the government for immediate crackdown on these ignorant islamists, instantly ending thier violent protests. The government and the military recieved full support from the Pakistani public. Moreover, the Pakistani intelligence agencies exposed the link between these islamists and their foreign handlers (anti state actors), who were collaborating to damage Islam and Pakistan. The islamist leader who called for death for the chief justice of Pakistan and mutiny within Pakistan army was masterfully assassinated and thousands of trouble makers and their leaders arrested and lavishing in jails awaiting trials.

  2. This is why we indians don't imagine a day that some day Pakistan will be our. What we will do with those bigoted people. You can see people of every age and in large number.

    The only solution is doing something that provokes them, lure them out to do public demonstartions of biggest scale, throw 200 hellfire missiles on those crowd and let them explode into blood rain. Let the world know it. Let the terrorist know it that if you will become animals, we will shlauter you like animals.

  3. Im a pakistani muslusm and these lowlife mullas should stfu!!

  4. this smells like an old score being settled
    property, perhaps, but more likely some little pos to whom she wouldn't submit…
    thankfully there was a reporter with enough gumption to put this out,
    and a lawyer and judge with the integrity to buck the pressure of hate.
    I hope she lives to a ripe old age and can tell her granddaughters about how silly it all used to be when she was younger.

  5. The Mullah, the clergymen and the torch bearer, they show light to others but live in darkness by themselves….

  6. I happy we are separate from Pakistan because then there will be hindu aur pakistan between them

  7. These are the products of the jihad factory zia and his western buddies created way back in the summer of 1979 with the help of saudi money and religionists.
    You won't hear the west talk about that!

  8. Religion of pigs. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

  9. Our P.M. here in Canada has let in enough refugees, many of them are not legit. However, I feel Asia is a genuine case, if we fail to give her refuge then we might as well disband the refugee program.
    Pakistan is a nation of imbreds, it really sickens me to know within ten years, all religious minorities will be wiped out through forced conversion or persecution.

  10. Pakistan will get punished very soon by Allah itself, he is watching…

  11. Ultra religious protesters? More like religious fascists, murderers and thugs

  12. @Tenac 300Β  We did not changed the Bible, its the same Message being kept in Italian, Russian, Greek, English, German since first century to 400th century They confirm each other up to this day its the same Bible since day 1. However, islam is being changed from time to time starting in 7th century. Your doing jihad and getting the girls while they are still 9-12 years old- this is exactly terrorism of the true and original islam. In true islam every girl wears black thus making the world dull..
    In Christianity, women are allowed to show their smiles- beautiful Gems of the Christian picture are women showing their smiles and confidence, hair, and they can talk with confidence and without fear. In true original islam, if your a woman, your value is only half of a man and your not allowed to show your smile while walking in the street or mall. We know this for a long time. Concentrate one more notch and learn to discern so you will recognize who is the Savior or Messiah Jesus Christ.

  13. Wether you want her to be dead or alive is another case… But insulting the prophet(saw) in a Muslim majority country is just asking for trouble. She's even bringing her own family and other Pakistani Christians in danger, just because she "felt the need" of insulting the prophet(saw)??? Really?….

  14. You animals want her hanged. Who are you to pass judgement. Disgusting

  15. Justice will be delivered❀

    No innocent would be punished❀❀

  16. proud to be shia muslim…..stay safe asia bibi…we are with you..

  17. This is why I support Donald Trump's Muslim ban.

  18. No country depicts Islam in it's purest form than Saudi and Pakistan.


  20. Shame on u Pakistan…..

  21. I am a pakistani muslim and i fully support the judges. There was not enough evidence to kill a human being. The case have been going on for 8 years that is enough torture in itself. She has young children they need they mother my muslim brothers need to realise that the right choice was made.

  22. Send them all to Paris and Germany

  23. Pakistan is going mad on religious matter and there is no future for humanity in Pakistan because they think their religion is more important than Humanity. It is a big shame on Pakistan's government and their govt will be responsible if anything unfortunate happen to Asia Biwi.

  24. Bunch of Barbarians 😧 human life has no value

  25. I am Muslim. Allah will always defend the Prophet (saw). I don’t think the accusations against her are true and I pray her family finds safety somewhere else. This kind of violence and laws are disgusting and against the true spirit of Islam.

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