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🇵🇰 Pakistan's Fake Degrees | 101 East

Pakistan’s Fake Degrees : Students usually work for years to gain a university degree, but a network of shady online institutions is offering degrees without any study or exams.

Hundreds of thousands of people from around the world are taking up this too-good-to-be-true offer. Alarmingly, some of them then use these fake qualifications to get jobs as doctors, teachers and engineers.

101 East exposes the sales tactics used by these fictitious online universities, with alleged links to Pakistani company, Axact.

After media reports exposed how Axact’s network appeared to be profiting from bogus degrees, the company’s founder, Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh, was arrested and charged with fraud.

Police raids at the company’s headquarters in Karachi found lists of fake universities, blank degree certificates, names and phone numbers of their customers and call recordings of Axact staff trying to extract money from them.

But Shaikh insists his company is only running a call centre to render services to the fake universities.
Meanwhile, there are fears that people who have bought fake degrees are now working in professions where extensive training and knowledge is critical.

“It could be a huge disaster,” says Atta Ur Rahman, a former official of Pakistan’s Higher Education Commission.

“You have medical doctors who are practising medicine without knowing medicine. There are accountants in the field of accountancy without knowing anything about accounts and this applies across various fields.”

101 East follows the case against Axact and its founder, as it stalls in Pakistan’s courts amid accusations of witness intimidation and bribery.


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  1. Eduardo Tangsang

    California Port University =Mexican Butcher Shop 😂

    I am starting my comments in reference to the comments of fore said gentleman (Eduardo Tangsang). I know about the poor educational level of western countries. There are only a few educational institutions in the western world which have excellent record. The western universities are selling their degrees like hotcakes and earning billions. There is a loot sale of degrees in the western universities. Most of the thesis of western universities students are prepared in India, Pakistan,Bangladesh, Kenya and many other Afro-Asian countries.
    i know the research level of western universities. watch the following videos and see how illiterate Americans are?

    1. Some Americans are ignorant and proud (S1E90)
    2. How much History do they know? Some Americans are ignorant and proud (S1E3)
    3. What's a currency?

  2. Drumont University = Tin Shack

  3. failed people failed nation

  4. The truth is that the prosecution, witnesses, police and the gov't got paid off by axact and thats how the case collapsed.

  5. What else can be expected from such a country?

  6. Prosecutors are scared 🙈🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  7. While I don't like the situation at all, how can you prosecute it?.. A bunch of guys calling themselves a university and selling pieces of paper. That's why we have job interviews.

  8. On September 2018,Axact Founder,Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh was sentenced to 20 years in jail along with 22 staff of Fake Degree Scams,Fraud and Money Laundering

  9. Surely the companies who need these people can suss out pretty quickly who is bogus. And soon enough the customs staff.

  10. In Malaysia, we have a fake Ph.D Holder, Azizan Osman. He claim he have 7 Ph.D

  11. Degree degree hota hai nakli ho ya asli- pakistani politician

  12. this terrorists supplier country has not done this for the first time, pakistan is famous for such things .

  13. The judge who hear his case has fake degree from Axact, now you know what is the judgement.

  14. government of Pakistan supports criminal

  15. wasn't even aware they had osama bin Laden hiding in there own country. How come they would know about fake degree scam. Terrorism is all they have known😂😂

  16. What more do you except from Pakistan

  17. Firstly there is no single university on websites which is based in Pakistan , secondly they all are operating from USA , what CIA or federal agencies doing in America??? Sleeping??? Why they didn't caught people in USA , just you guys are trying to calumniate Pakistan

  18. Thank you aljazeera for telling us that it's only happens in Pakistan but never happened in any other country, you are working on agenda to not showing bright side of Pakistan, thumbs down

  19. i dont feel sorry for the students. they knew it was a fraud to pay money to get a degreee without any studies.

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