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🇵🇸 Gaza mourns three boys killed by Israel drone strikes | Al Jazeera

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Three Palestinian boys aged between 13 and 14 have been killed in an Israeli air raid in the southeastern Gaza Strip, according to health officials.
The children were identified as Khaled Bassam Mahmoud Abu Saeed, 14, Abdul Hameed Mohammed Abdul Aziz Abu Zaher, 13, and Mohammed Ibrahim Abdullah al-Sutari, 13.

Al Jazeera’s Harry Fawcett reports from Gaza.

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  1. Who sent these kids that close to the border..they know it’s a war zone.. Hamas is responsible for this, not Israel.

  2. Wait Brother! AL MAHDI Was Come to World!. With Al Mahdi let*s go Destroyer All human eror in world

  3. Pallywood channel…….If you act like A terrorist YOU will be TREATED as one:…..the three Gaza teens were trying to lay explosives by the border fence with Israel

  4. Israël terrorist kill palestinians childrens again and again it can't continue like that anymore. Israël stop kill palestinians childrens. Zionism = nazism. Gazans people have no where to go and hide.

  5. Just 3? Israel should try again

  6. Inna lillahe wa inna ilahe rajeoin, OMG

  7. Inshamuhammad they are with Muhammad and his six year old wife Aisha in paradise

  8. no mention of the 50 rockets fired at israeli cites?
    as always.. first came the rockets from gaza and only later did israel resopnd
    dont fire at israel and no one dies.. very simple

  9. Inna lillahe wa inna ilahe rajeon

  10. Israel recruits units from other countries and this is also good for the zio-israelies, they pay them and those units are from africa i had seen and india and may be from some other countries like a lady "Rebecca rum" who killed pal^n nurse, So this is good for their work and here unarmed kids killing by IDF who if had childrens, Not want their kids killed like that!

  11. Why can’t Israel kill hamas all they do is target innocent people

  12. So… what did they do near the fence ?who lets his kids near a killzone? Who sends them to protest infrot of armed man?. I dont blame the kids tbh, im just sad that they didnt have somone who cared for them and kept them from making stupid and letheal decisions

  13. May Allah put them with the martyrs.

  14. Wow another Baabric Attack Again

  15. Long Live Palestine 🇵🇸.

  16. Ooh my God, most western media don't even mention this, and those that do just say Israel managed to kill 3 bomb maker's. Why are many people scared of media being called fake news, and people turning towards social media . Because media no longer respect themselves, lying misleading shutting the truth, politicization of there news .

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