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🇵🇸Palestine says US can’t mediate Israeli-Palestinian peace process l Al Jazeera English

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has long been the subject of UN resolutions – but that hasn’t achieved compliance or a peace agreement yet.

Al Jazeera’s Mike Hanna reports from the United Nations headquarters in New York, US.

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  1. Who said you can't let mice mediate where cheese is stored?

  2. Trump is doing Sheldon Adelson's bidding

  3. Nor should it.

    The dual citizenship neocons are the opposite of impartial.

  4. What many Palestinian people are thinking is correct, Donald Trump is firmly in the back pocket of the Israeli government. And all Israel knows is violence and to kill and murder and more violence. Therefore America cannot be a fair and impartial broker in any peace process, involving the Palestinians and the Israeli government.

  5. Read the Transfer Agreement of 1933, then all this subversive behavior of governments makes sense. Still Tragic.

  6. I agree with Palestine, we shouldn't even recognize their existence as a non-state entity. There should be no support for Arabs in Judea and Samaria.

  7. Palestinians always refuse talks

  8. the filth that live in gaza all deserve a bullet

  9. Wake up Murica. You're country is being robbed by the Jews and you're all too stupid to even notice.

  10. Yes ofc, it was such old story that there is no way US can mediate peace process between Israel and Palestine.. The US was never been neutral and will never be.. China however can become peace mediator between Israel and Palestine because China is Neutral and not involved both religiously and politically.. However I’m not sure if China would want to mediate them..

    So how should we make them living in peace? Well first of all, the main problem leading to conflict is one entity wants the other to die.. I’m not saying which one of them, you knew who they are.. but imagine this, if one day, Israel surrender against Palestine, what would happen to the Jews the day after that? And if the vice versa happen, what would happen with the muslim?

  11. No one cares about innocents Palestinians

  12. yes becouse US is big israhell and israhell is little US

  13. And yet these Palestinians begged, cry, whine like dogs and pigs for handouts from the U.S. …Disgusting.

  14. 0:49 "The Palestinian leader argues……."
    Palestinian Leader ? When was that election ?
    He got a 4yr term in 2008 and the ballot box hasn't heard from him since.
    I suppose like all Muslim countries democracy has been kicked in
    the b@llocks.
    I suppose corruption rules in Palestine and , like Yaser Arafat, he simply
    pays bribes to the right people (Fatah) and buys off any credible critics
    (by credible I mean powerful , not critical people they don't count).
    The poor Palestinian : gets humiliated by Israel, gets ignored by their
    corrupt leaders who look out for their pockets, gets used as pawns by regional
    leaders who refuse to grant them citizenship, gets right royally stuffed by
    everyone with no end in sight.

  15. Yesssssssssssss because U S A is pro Israel 💯%

  16. Can someone confirm that “it takes two to tango” is a legit Arabic idiom? ☺️

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