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🇶🇦Qatar’s top diplomat says Gulf crisis at a ‘stalemate’ l Al Jazeera English

Qatar’s foreign minister says a proposed US-Middle East security alliance won’t be credible because of unresolved regional tension.
Last year, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain enforced a blockade on Qatar, cutting diplomatic, economic and political ties.
But the countries’ foreign ministers did meet on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly.
Al Jazeera’s Hashem Ahelbarra reports from New York.

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  1. They’re destroying each other and that is great for the world

  2. we stand in solidarity with Qatar. Saudi belligerence need stop.

  3. The arab leader are just US and Israeli puppet. Not saying Iran is good but the Arab leader just do what US want them to do.

  4. Viva Arabia Saudita 🇸🇦✌🏾

  5. Long live Qatar death 💀 to house of Saudi

  6. And this is qatar lol he said it like as he was gang banging

  7. Iran is biggest shitan around the world

  8. What Arabs done as of late??? Taking hand outs from their master the U.S., and nothing else. As Trump says "you guys -meaning Arab world- wont survive even two weeks without U.S' protection'. Now, continue to make fake news and propaganda against Iran.

  9. الحل في الرياض والله تلف العالم

  10. Evil quatar evil aljazeerah fake news bias

  11. All the structures and the road looks like Europe.

  12. Fighting until end of the world. That's Arab. Shameful.

  13. I hate Soudi Arabian Gvt,This govt,has no any intelligent thinking.
    Soudi Arabia is the mother of all terrorist.They will produced terrorist whole over the world. They have finance all the terrorist group. So, never trust this country…….

  14. Love and respect for 🇶🇦 from Bangladesh

  15. We all 911 who did it ,, Saudi Arabia remember America will never forget the incessant life’s taken by your terorisum

  16. Saudi Arabia and the Emirate with all the allies they managed to buy or coerce, with all the trillions of dollar worth of arms they have amassed this last 20 years, have failed to defeat the Houthis a rebel movement in the poorest Arab country, have failed to seize Yemen most strategic port of Hodeida, after more than a year of land and amphibian assault, and indiscriminate bombing. What should have been an easy victory and show of force for MBS has turned into a war of attrition, and showed the limits and military weaknesses of Saudi and Emirati armies. You can't just buy victory, it doesn't work that way! Had the Saudis & Emiratis elites been student of history, they would have known the fate that befell Naser when he had the unfortunate idea of invading Yemen in the 1960's, google "Egypt's Vietnam" if you want to know more.

  17. It is haram what this soo called Gulf states r doing to Qatar tgey r hiding rhe money they give to Trump they wanted Qatar to do they same which it refused to be used. The money they r giving Trump ahould be given to the hunger and less disadvantage human beings.

  18. LONG LIVE QATAR!!! ✊✊✊✊✊

  19. Saudis should declare war on Qatar and invade them and turn them into rubble

  20. Its so good to have the middle east split. A new world order is coming. The old ways of thinking are dead now. A new day is here now.

  21. Qutar is a terrorist country like Saudi Arabia

  22. Mid east is at the moment in same condition as Iberia was in last days of Muslim rule an Emir for evry City and thus easy prey for the Enemies.sorry for the oppressed masses.

  23. Saudi royals are servant of satan

  24. The Arabs are shame and embarassment to the ummah , viva to the non – arab rising muslim states

  25. Saiudi are real terrorist but they have money to give to country's

  26. from Somaliland
    Qatar independent country it's not lessening Saudi Arabia annd other countries to proposal
    Qatar the highway right to standing

  27. this gay saudi terrorist is the most dangerous gay on the earth, world stand with Iran, Qatar, Russia, China, Syria, Turkey , Iraq

  28. Chances of building a united front is slim? Qatar is a small insignificant state and its influence only includes Al Jazeera and inefficient funding to all kinds of extremist political groups. A united front does not need Qatar except in the eyes of the Qatari media of Al Jazeera.

  29. I have never heard Al Jazeera doing any report on cruel practices against labours in gulf countries

  30. Qatar is getting isolated, people don't even watch al Jazeera no more I think

  31. Saudi Arabia is the mother of terrorism across the globe. They finance most of the terrorists globally.

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