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🇷🇺 🇨🇳 Can Russia and China trust each other? | Inside Story

With a firm handshake, the president’s of China and Russia have announced stronger ties.

Vladimir Putin’s hosting Xi Jinping in Vladivostok – as well as the Japanese and South Korean leaders – at the three 3 day Eastern Economic Forum. It aims to boost investment in the Far East region of Asia.

But Putin’s warning trade barriers are a threat to Asian economies – as the world’s top two economies, the US and China impose trade tarrifs on each other.

As the talks began – so did the largest war games by Chinese and Russian troops since the Soviet Union.

Three hundred thousand troops, thirty six thousand tanks and armoured vehicles and a thousand warplanes and ships are all on parade in Siberia.

Are they building an alliance?

And what does the US and its allies think?

Presenter: Hoda Abdel-Hamid

Pavel Felgenhauer – Russian military analyst
Michael Kovrig – International Crisis Group
Michael Purcell – Center for Global Interests

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  1. No.. Aljazeera is not creditable. Its tone is Westernize. It's funded by the Elites.

  2. To be honest,the feeling of normal Chinese people to Russians is very complicated. We are very closed friends, especially during the early PRC. PRC was very poor and developing and the SU supported a lot. But I also believe there is no true “friendship” between countries, the truth is “self-nation-interest”. Nowadays China and Russian are like allies facing international affairs. As Chinese we feel kind of happy to have a friend country to support each other. But indeed, inside of most of Chinese people around me who is well-educated, we also have a feeling of helplessness. ‘Cause it’s the truth that lots of ancient Chinese territory was stolen by Russia during the Qing dynasty by unequal and unjust treaty under the military threat of Russian. I'm not sure if the dispute will be rediscussed in the future. I wish China and Russia can be true friends, but inside of me I still always feel sad for the lost land given by our ancestors ( *i m Manchu Chinese)

    I don’t know if u guys can agree with me. That being said, however, long live China and Russia.😔😔😔

  3. How can they be friends when russia is fighting the nwo and china is with the nwo

  4. 为什么一个中国媒体下面那么多英文评论

  5. China in history does not take or colonized our countries,so I dont see wht russia cannot trust China.

  6. I stopped watching after seeming a bunch of Anglos discussing Russia China relations.

  7. Of course, because we have a common enemy: the United States.

  8. Good for your country and good for the world…

  9. They don't trust each other, but its still many time better than to trust the America.

  10. yes, only media broadcast try to destroy it

  11. More friends less enemies. But the ones who backstab are mostly the ones you trust.

  12. Russia and China will be a very good friend for now and for a long time to come , because the US and the Europe are pushing them to be a very good friend for a long time as long as the Nato is there

  13. They’re scared of America, Russia’s military is old and China’s is inexperienced and cheap, If anything happens the United States and its allies would swarm in and “reclaim” land but the United States isn’t as selfish as Russia and they don’t show off they’re forces and secrets but Russia does because the United States is the only super power while China and Russia try can only say they have nukes.

  14. I think China doesn't have any reason to invade Russia, because only fool will grab land for no reason, the East Russia is useless for China and China doesn't care about Europe at all. If China wants to invade , we will choose SouthEast Asia rather than Russia, because sea is more important. However, I think Russia has enough reason to invade China ,because Northeast China has many good harbour,it is great for trading.

  15. You people putting down the U.S. China would be speaking Japanese if America did not help them in WW2, Russia also would have lost to Germany without all the military equipment, bullets, etc. given to them in WW2. Amazing how fast that was forgotten.

  16. A natural reaction when others move in to surround you! or GET OFF OUR LAND AND GO HOME SORT YOUR OWN IN HOUSE TURMOIL.

  17. They don’t trust each other that’s facts that’s not the point the point is that weapons and support they will have to take out America think about it who they want to take out America

  18. Big powers do not need to trust each other; only power and profit matters. Why must China trust Russia when Russia delivers S-400 to China as priority. Why has Russia need to trust China when Russia/China trade volume reaches $100billion in one year ! Trust is irrelevant !

  19. Americans never give up sowing discord between Russia and China.

  20. Can they trust each other? There are no better alternatives. Can they trust the US? NO. Might as well give this one a try.

  21. Yes, absolutely Yes ! As long as Pimp-eo, Trump don't meddle in their affairs.

  22. I want President of China to let the Islamic Chinese in camps go. He does not want World War 3. He does not want Arab countries angry at him. I think he is part Catonese. I am part Shan.

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