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🇷🇺 🇺🇦 Russia’s new border wall barrier seals off Crimea | Al Jazeera English

A new ceasefire in eastern Ukraine between Russian-backed separatists and government forces is due to begin on Saturday. It’s one of the several ceasefires since Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine in 2014 in violation of international laws.
It follows the construction of a border fence built by Russia, sealing off Crimea. Several European leaders have condemned the barrier and called for a definitive end to the conflict.

Al Jazeera’s Katia Lopez Hodo-yan reports.

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  1. Never give up your nukes



  4. Putin built a huge and beautiful wall

  5. Krim… crimea ist lotsa french, sorri, to be or not to be the such as FrenchGrinch

  6. Russia is conservative. Ukrainians are liberals. Especially in the west side of Ukraine. It’s all about feelings & no facts. Everything bad ever happens. It’s Putin’s or Russia’s fault.

  7. Crimea voted to be united again with Russia. Your news is propaganda

  8. We need this on the southern American border with Mexico

  9. Al Jazzera is an Al Qaeda propaganda channel first and FOREMOST

  10. What a ridiculous report from this channel. Not one mention of the referendum held in Crimea, or the previous attempts at sabotage staged by the Ukrainian regime. The Qataris are hoping that putting their channel at the disposal of Western interests would ingratiate them and afford some protection from their usual partners in crime, the UAE and Saudi Arabia, perhaps. It won't work, just report the news.

  11. Poland and Belarus should do the same. this cesspool should be fenced off and forever forgotten.

  12. AJ should understand when we raise our voice for Chechnya, Xinjiang, Kashmir, Gaza, Balochistan, West Bank n all other conflicts, we want to give justice to the people.
    Crimean majority people r Russian. So I support their right to stay with Russia. How come it is against international law?

  13. This is the new reality, like it or not! Deal with that and live with that! I do not belive West will do something BIG & DECISIVE that will bring back Crimeea to U …kraine…just selling arms to Kiev regime , wich Kiev borrows from western banks…

  14. I lovee da Wall…more walls more piece

  15. Who paid for the fkn wall??!

  16. Did Putin ask Porky to pay for the fence?

  17. Russia didn’t “Annex” Crimea. Crimea has always been a part of Russia. The Russian speaking citizens held a referendum and voted to be with Russia.

    Crimea was separated on paper for administration purposes by Stalin the entire Russian Navy Fleet has been based in Crimea since Soviet Times.

    C’mon stop with the BS.

  18. Aljazeera itself is a propaganda lol🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. Did Ukraine pay for the wall?

  20. Did Ukraine pay for the wall?

  21. is Russian territory and none of the business for ukraine or the west !!!!

  22. Good way to be protected from Ukrainian Nazis and whores.

  23. Foolish of trump to dump kurds before Ukraine election. Ukrainians may now trust US alliance less

  24. Good job. Seal off those fence from african migrants coming from west Europe.

  25. You have too these days. We are overloaded with super poor and just evil. Y is it the rich never want citizenship….

  26. i wish for my brothers and sisters in crimea the best carfull that those arabs and usa dont creates isis al kaida jundullah or any other cia group in your country thanks to russia for protecting my people in crimea

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