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🇷🇺 At least 41 killed after Russian plane catches fire | Al Jazeera Engish

At least 41 people have died in Russia after a plane caught fire as it made an emergency landing.
The Aeroflot flight was forced to return to Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport shortly after taking off.
Flight radar tracking shows it had circled twice over Moscow.

Al Jazeera’s Raheela Mahomed reports.

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  1. Ohhhhhh noooo , RIP……..💔

  2. look idiot running with bag this may have saved many life if they not care for their laugage

  3. useless fail emergency management in Russia

  4. Just noticed in another earlier video many people have mentioned the fact about the idiots with their bags!!!!!! And totally agree.

    These people should be PROSECUTED!!!!!!!!

  5. How comes no one has mentioned/noticed people walking away from this tragedy with their bags!!!!!!!! These inconsiderate people( arseh+les) at the front of the plane wasting valuable time getting their bags, which you are distinctly told not to do!!!!, whilst people are burning to death at the back!!!!

    Way to go!!!!!

    I hope they all feel very lucky to be alive and the fact that they have saved their meaningless belongings at the expense of other peoples lives!!!

  6. Deep condolences from Pakistan…

  7. Well Done to the pilot given the circumstances

  8. if you go ruski you end in puski

  9. Russians can't even make a plane lol 😂😂😂🤣

  10. Yesterday, it was one, today 41.

  11. They whete too late extinguishing the fire the emergency crew…

  12. I fly through Sheremetyevo sometimes and have to take the Sukhoi SJ soon, I think I should pay more and not go to Russia. Their record is bad.

  13. Stupid air line rule no opener door emergency open

  14. Pilot life save but passengers life not save

  15. No firefighters?? 🤔

  16. Too slow to take the action. Stupid

  17. You take a plane in Russia you finish burning at 90%!What! Russia has enough money to buy good planes ! America sell the trash planes like Boeing but Europe has good planes !

  18. This is the result of sanctions imposed by the US, Sukhoi company can not get vital parts for its planes! The US keep on killing innocent people! US stand in the way of human well-being and progress by frustrating commerce and manipulating market prices…

  19. 25 minutes after emergency was declared, fire fighters where still consulting their phone maps for the plane's location.

  20. A few observations :-
    a) 0:20 that isn't a fire engine, it's a truck for cleaning street lights, but at least
    he's first on the scene.
    b) those people could at least get out of the way. The truck has to slow down
    and blast his horn at them. They are transfixed.
    c) Where were the fire crew ?

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