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🇸🇦 Analysis: Saudi crown prince supports Israeli right to land | Al Jazeera English

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has declared that Israel has the right to its own land alongside Palestinians.

In an interview with the US-based The Atlantic magazine, the 32 year old heir to the Saudi throne declared: “I believe that each people, anywhere, has a right to live in their peaceful nation.”

The crown prince said that “there are a lot of interests” his country shares with Israel.

Al Jazeera’s Senior Political Analyst Marwan Bishara talks about why the timing of the statement was suspicious.

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  1. O you who believe! Take not my enemies And your enemies as friends offering them (Your) love even though they have disbelieved in that Truth (i.e. Allah, Prophet Muhammad and this Quran) which has come to you."

  2. Saudi is the bigger terrorist of Israel anyway

  3. The Prophet PBUH united Arabia, and they disunite it! True signs of the end

  4. Don't Beleive in this news to be true without researching.. unless you hear him say that..

  5. The saudi monarchy is sadly,just puppets

  6. This is the EEMAAN of the arabs

  7. He should go to them be with them

  8. I hope Saudi Arabia and Israel fight against Iran.

  9. Mbs is a stupid saudi is a product of illuminati

  10. In the End Times : the original army of Imam al-Mahdi will be made up of non-Arabs: Iranians, Turkmen and Afghans.

  11. King Faisal would be ashamed about this fool his death was just for fun??
    Death to America death to Israel

  12. There is no such thing as Israeli land. It's an occupational power.

  13. O Allah raise a man like king Faisal in Saudi

  14. فلسطين حرة حرة
    والصهيون في جهنم
    الله ينعل الصهيون وخائن حرمين
    القدس عاصمة فلسطين
    المغرب + الجزائر + الفلسطين + العراق + أردن + … = القدس

  15. Al Jazeera is just worthless. I'm not sure why they present this as if it were some kind of mystery when it's not. Israel has a strong military, they hate Iran. Saudi has an expensive army, they hate Iran. Israel wants to attack Iran, Saudi wants Israel to attack Iran. Lo and behold they're warming up.

  16. 4/5 of Palestine is called Jordan. The can live there.

  17. at least he revealed his intension
    israel is there to stay every one in middle east knows it

  18. He looks like elephant's butts.Women fat.



  21. Al Jazeera is anti israel and spreads lies ………… Who would of thought it. Lol

  22. I support that Saudi Arabia’s king wants to start relations with Israel and go against Iran but Palestine does not exist and will NEVER exist

  23. Shalom Aleichem

    Great Britain and the Allied Power error ed, as did the early leaders of Israel, after the take down of the Ottoman Empire, which had a 400 plus year siege on ancient Judea. Let's get this straight, Judea's overthrow by Rome is not relevant in any social or UN critique? Palestine was a Roman invention. Titus destroyed Jerusalem in 70 A.D., the Roman government struck a coin with the phrase “JUDEA CAPTA,” meaning Judea has been captured. The term Palestine was never used in the early Roman designations.

    It was not until the Romans crushed the second Jewish revolt against Rome in 135 A.D. under Bar Kochba that Emperor Hadrian applied the term Palestine to the Land of Israel. Hadrian, like many dictators since his time realized the propaganda power of terms and symbols. He replaced the shrines of the Jewish Temple and the Sepulchre of Christ in Jerusalem with temples to pagan deities.

    He changed the name of Jerusalem to Aelian Capitalina, and changed the name of Israel and Judea to Palestine, interesting, where are the Aelian Capitolinian's, exactly!. non existent!!!!

    Hadrian’s selection of Palestine was purposeful, not accidental. He took the name of the ancient enemies of Israel, the Philistines, Latinized it to Palestine, and applied it to the Land of Israel. He hoped to erase the name Israel from all memory. Thus, the term Palestine as applied to the Land of Israel was invented by the inveterate enemy of the Bible and the Jewish people, Emperor Hadrian.

    It is interesting to note that the original Philistines were not Middle Eastern at all. They were European peoples from the Adriatic sea next to Greece. It may have pleased Hadrian to utilize this Hellenistic term for the Jewish land. In any case, the original “Palestinians” had nothing to do, whatsoever, with any Arabs.

    If anything, The Pope of The Holy See, Pope Francis has an obligation to abolish the Roman created term.

  24. Pakistan is a Gift to whole Humanity.

  25. Exactly why Saudi wants Al Jazeera to stop functioning. And we thought there are no evident colonies in modern world.

    Indian Subcontinent was a colony for centuries but met with a lot resistance and violence and pressure from the natives to leave. India doesn't have any resource today…
    Middle East has! So Middle East is an unconventional colony. Advantage of which is there can not be any resistance or pressure from the natives to leave colonisers US/Israel's interests behind

  26. Now u know why he was put in his position?? He’s a Israelis puppet!! They are occupiers!! And should stop stealing other people lands they are not of the family of the original HEBREWs

  27. The Arabs don't pray towards mecca, but towards white house. The Persians pray towards mecca

  28. He is not king he is zombie…

  29. There can be no peace in middle east until Qatar and its concubine Aljazeera is eliminated.

  30. Crown Prince? towel head Prince is more like it. Lol

  31. That camel jockey talks about peace but he himself is killing innocent people from Yemen. Nomad camel jockey

  32. Nearly 80% of Jordan self-identifies as Palestinian, so they already have a country. Let Jordan, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia give a portion of their lands to their fellow Arab and Muslim people. The East side of Jordan, Northern Saudi Arabia, and Western Iraq can be allocated to a new and independent Palestinian nation. All Palestinians can move there within one year from Gaza, Judea, and Samaria, which actually belongs to Israel and the Jewish people. Once the move is completed, the so-called exiled Palestinians can move to that new land.

  33. One wrong word or action by Saudi Government, the next day they are penniless – all of their assets/money that are held outside their country will be frozen, and the majority of their wealth are outside their country as there is no trust to each other in their own land. All those trusts and other legal set ups outside may become a history in the papers they themselves even do not understand what they are.

  34. Coward prince. A puppet of America and Israel. The so called peace lover has purchased weapons of worth $bn from America and is shelling them on Yemen.

  35. Arabs want Palestinians to stop destroying their countries.
    Palestinians back stabbed all Arabs- supported Sadam murdrting Kuwaiti, constantly oppressing democracies so they can control Arabs for their cause.

  36. Saudi Arabia is going down now or tomorrow it will go down

  37. He is the real cancer of the Muslim cumaar you should kill him first then deal with Jews

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