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🇸🇦What happened to Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi? | Inside Story

On the afternoon of Tuesday October 2 2018, Jamal Khashoggi walked into the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul.
His fiancee who was waiting for him outside, says he never came out.
Now, we know more about what may have happened.
The New York Times says Khashoggi was murdered inside the Saudi consulate.
Turkish media have published pictures of what they say– are the agents –sent to kill him.
But the Saudis insist he left the building.

So, what happened inside the Saudi consulate?

Presenter: Hoda Abdel-Hamid


Ali Al-Ahmed – Director, Gulf Affairs Institute.

Chris Phillips – Former Head of the UK national Counter-errorism Security Office.

Sabah Al-Khozai – Lecturer, Bristol College.

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  1. this reporter got on my nerves cause she kapt saying Khashozhhhgiiiiiiii…

  2. the body was taken to saudi arabia …..thats why those 18 guys left so fast….

  3. They were so anxious to silence Khashoggi that they jumped at the first opportunity to do so. Just imagine what is happening to and what has happened to the dissidents and journalists who have been imprisoned within Saudi Arabia. There were zero hijackers on 9/11. Just read the books by Rebekah Roth and listen to her podcasts on Vimeo.

  4. Conspiracy is become a reality. The lecturer has his eyes open. He know what's going on… it is stupid to assassinate someone in an embassy. This is a false flag event. It is meant to take Turkey to War with Saudi Arabia. Divide the middle east the more. This activity was conducted almost in the open… too many people involved, no smoothness in the story. The professor has an argument.

  5. Sabah Al-Khozai… he is afraid, he will be next to be dismembered… LOL.
    MOHAMMAD BIN SALMAN is watching…
    watching… 👀👀👀you guys.
    Thank you Al Jazeera.

  6. Who is this over grown idiot? why is he talking about 2003 invasion of Iraq in this issue?………………. With all his education and he is still talking like someone who do not attend any school!

  7. Bristol man obviously is puppet of Saudi He is not fair,This man is Stupid..full of evidence and yet He still blind 👊👊He is fool Saudi government already admitted that He was killed inside Embassy…

  8. There is a lot of crime in Saudi Arebia, . What is this Bristol guy talking about ? It seems he is trying to do cover up for Saudi's crime. How dear you said that everything is fabricated? Is he really college lecturer ? Oh my God !! God help that college Students !!

  9. Saudi Arabia will have to pay a heavy price for this tragedy

  10. And the bristol guy teaches in the uk? Teaches what???

  11. President Trump has accepted the saudi king's explaination of course. so don't expect anything will be done. just another cover up. what you gonna do. evil cares for it's own.


  13. THE,,,STORRY,,,,OF,,,ERAQ,,,,NOTH8NG,,,TO,,,DO,.,WETH,,,THE

  14. THERS,,NO,,,KEDNAPING,,,,,,,ITS,,,,A,,,MERDER,,,,HAPINED,,,,IN,,

  15. Are lee how can you do working in this job when you still Very dump any stupid. You dont Know anything

  16. Ha ha ha ITS Very good The toy story ha ha ha ha. can anyone enswer why some parts of The body are find inside of The grund

  17. The man speaking from America is a clown.

  18. this presenter is broken, i would like a refund

  19. The Saudis are wishing if they could pay any amount to have Jamal walk out of the Consulate.

  20. Sabah Al kozai!are you really a lecturer ?well?as I heard your opinion and wordings your are the lecturer of Idiots ! …poor communication skills! STUPID!

  21. the idiot in grey jacket thinks his only educated that whole world his dum
    good job ms reporter bring the truth out of those kings they are murderers

  22. So very disturbing,shocking way for that poor man to die,the worlds gone mad,governments are so corrupt

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