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🇸🇩 What's keeping Sudan's president in power? | Inside Story

Anger at the high price of bread and fuel sparked mass protests in Sudan last December.
Four months on, the rallies have evolved into demands for an end to the 30 year rule of President Omar Al Bashir.
For the first time, protesters got as far as army headquarters in Khartoum, where the president has a home.
Some soldiers stepped in to protect demonstrators against tear gas from riot police and intelligence service agents.
However, army commanders have so far resisted calls to help remove Bashir.
So what’s keeping the president in power?

Presenter: Martine Dennis

Khalid Omer Yousif – Secretary General of the opposition Sudanese Congress Party.
Jean-Baptiste Gallopin – Sudan researcher and PhD candidate at Yale University.
David Shinn – Former Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. embassy in Sudan.

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  1. 2 days and it's alreadt dated

  2. Because Mr. Omer want to invite türkisch soldiers in their own country cCc

  3. I cried when the army stood by their people ,how more beautiful could it be to see the army stand by thier mothers and fathers I am proud of this nation

  4. Bashir will leave, but the problems will stay.

  5. But off course,Aljazeera will not allow the mention the negative role of Qatar in the Sudanese people uprising against-ultimately, their interest in Sudan.

  6. But off course, Aljazzera will

  7. Saudi Arabia.Qatar, and China are the principal supporter of Albashir. Qatar and China in particular have substantial investment in the country. The future of these investments are in doubt if Al- Bashir and his regime falls.

  8. Okay, we all agree that the world needs an enema, but where do we insert the tube? Let's see. How about Somalia? Oh wait, maybe in Sudan!

  9. She doesn't want to hear the opposition manifesto! Hilarious.

  10. Bashir days are numbered like for any other African leaders who wants to stay in power for decades by force. They are greedy leaders who don’t give dams about their people.

  11. I am from Sudan but I live in England


  13. Sudan Population (2018): 41,511,526 (Worldometers)

    Sudan Population (2017): 40,533,330 (Worldometers)
    Sudan GDP (2017): 117.5 billion USD (World Bank Group)

    Sudan Population (2016): 39,578,828 (Worldometers)
    Sudan GDP (2016): 95.6 billion USD (World Bank Group)

  14. Albashir need to resign the office immediately give a chance his nation.!

  15. oh, protesters! you are protesting, cause someone is giving you space. you will admit this, after sudan becomeing egypt or lybia.

  16. The international community including the u.s. buddies up to north korea's kim and he is a butcher, so is putin, the international community has no moral high ground period. Israel commits crimes against humanity daily. Global politics are s–t!

  17. It is a lot complicated in Khartoum people are even shot by the police which by the way determines the dictatorship of Al bashir

  18. Why this protest y r they protesting plz elaborate

  19. Evil America may have hands in distablising Sudan. Dear Sudanese please be careful of everything.

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