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🇸🇩Is it Sudan’s version of the Arab Spring? l Inside Story

The soaring price of bread and fuel was the spark for the outrage.
Now Sudan’s President is in the firing line, with Omar Al-Bashir facing growing demands to end his 29 year rule.
Riot police dispersed crowds marching towards his presidential palace on Tuesday with tear gas and bullets.
The government says 12 people have been killed in eight days of protests.
Amnesty International thinks the total could be at least 37.
The President’s promising reforms to improve living standards.
But will they be enough to save him?

Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom
Sara Abdelgalil – President, Sudan Doctors’ Association UK
Hafiz Moahmmad – Director, Justice Africa
Hajooj Kuka – Member, GIRIFNA, nonviolent resistance movement in Sudan

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  1. I just came back from Khartoum where I ve been for two weeks. I support non violent Protests but honestly I am not sure if I would go like that after they shot at me or kill People I know. Unfortunatly I think there Comes a Point where violence is the only way to go

  2. For al you who dont know! Al Bashir has been ruling for 30 yrs! he sold sudanese archaeological sites to Qatar for $130million, his policies lead to the lashing/raping of women, imprisonment of activists/journalists,silencing of opposition parties, deterioration of Education and healthcare! Bashir and his cronies swim in the people's money! they send their kids to schools overseas! while Sudanese in Sudan face no future job prospects!!! he ruined the country

  3. Bashir is a warlord who must go he is killing innocent people in darfur and he needs to be toppled

  4. Good for God sake; people's revolution are progressing around the horn. Wish it will be a lesson for the people of Eritrea. It is hard though for the mercy less dictator Esseyas.

  5. oh please, the country is very poor and backward. a whole country lack of bread! what a fail state. Look at other African countries that have same independence with Sudan and see where are they and where is Sudan. FACTS ARE FACTS

  6. without "SOUTHERN OIL", the so called NORTH SUDAN can never survive economicaly, soon NORTH SUDAN will break up in many different parts.

  7. they have egypt now,they can use them to stir up things in sudan,be careful what you wish Sudanese,do not make orphans of yourselves like dumb Libyans.

  8. You can NOT call it Arab spring.
    We are not Arabs any more!

  9. I'm glad that recently,my people woke up in all parts of Sudan bout the injustice that been going on and thought has been just against dark skinned people,Keep it up

  10. Saudi Arabia and UAE want to overthrow bashir because he is friend with Qatar and Turkey

  11. I love these developments in our region. People fighting for their rights

  12. If he goes do you have next President? Like lybia total chaos

  13. It's more like the first wave of a new Arab Spring, which will soon take hold on Saudi Arabia and UAE.

  14. Bashir is a hired gun for riyadh and abu dhabi.

  15. People are ALWAYS right !

  16. Sudanese kindly don't follow Western influence don't forget what is happening in Libya

  17. It is not an Arab spring version but version of the recent Ethiopian revolution. soon Eritrea will be the next country on the list and at last the horn of Africa will start to come to peace and we may see the light of freedom shining in Africa.

  18. why you want to destroy your country??? you want be a refugee!!

  19. Its very insulting to call it a version of Arab Spring, I think the Arabs who are the ones who copied Sudan uprisings, Sudan has two successful uprising in 1964 and 1985 just google it. The Sudanese Teachers, Engineers and doctors have contributed massively in the development of the Arabs countries specially KSA, UAE and Kuwait from the 1960s to early 2000. The first two Egyptian presidents were from Sudan, Sudan was 100 Years a head of the Arabs countries before they pay for the west to stand against us, sanction us and globally boycotted because we're a threat to them and if you are from one of these Arab countries then the chances are very high that you have been taught by a Sudanese teacher.

  20. Come on Sudanese brothers take him down

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