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🇸🇩Sudanese parliament approves 2019 budget amid protests | Al Jazeera English

After days of demonstrations over the poor state of the economy leading to demands for the government to step down, Sudan’s Parliament passed its 2019 fiscal budget.
The ruling side says the new budget will reduce inflation, but many doubt it’ll deliver on that promise.

Al Jazeera’s Hiba Morgan reports from the capital, Khartoum.

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  1. This problem is much deeper than the government. This is about the global dollar reserve system.

  2. Why did they split the country?


  4. Politicians don't make the money, businesses do, politicians just spend money… so for any politician to say increase export by 30% and decrease imports is laughable.

  5. Bread shortages ?
    A country with high birth rates and growing population doesnt even grow enough grain ?

  6. U mean they ACTUALLY have a BUDGET well I'll be darn

  7. This looks like the future of the USA.

  8. They must go, sooner or later. People of Sudan longer have any trust on this corrupted regime.

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