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🇸🇾 Analysis : Syria pullout tied to Kurd protection, ISIL defeat | Al Jazeera English

President Donald Trump’s national security adviser said on Sunday the US military withdrawal from northeastern Syria is conditional upon finishing off the armed group, ISIL, and on Turkey assuring the safety of Kurdish troops allied with the United States.
John Bolton, who travelled to Israel to reassure the US ally of the Trump-ordered withdrawal, said there is no timetable for the pullout of American forces in northeastern Syria, but insisted it’s not an unlimited commitment.

Joost Hiltermann, MENA program director with the International Crisis Group, talks to Al Jazeera about the US policy in Syria.

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  1. Ok… You can protect kurds… But you can't protect YPG terrorists from Turkish Army… They will be destroyed… soon or later…

  2. U.S. and zionists plan to balkanize middle east is defeated . Thanks to turkey who disregarded U.S. threats and bluffs and took action against terrorists pyg pkk ocalan followers.

  3. Bolton went to pray and hold Bibi's hand and reassure his master that America will do what Israel commands.

  4. This stupid Zionist visits his godfather Gottonyahu first to get instructions, then his planning to go to Turkey to tell them that they won't get out of the way unless his terrorists are secured. I bet he knows the answer before he even gets there.

  5. International crisis group. Didn't one of your spy get arrested in china

  6. Turks dont have any problems with kurds. They only have a problem with YPG. If they don't wanna be harmed they should simply withdraw.

  7. Syrians deserve Justice and accountability for Assad Killer and his Regime.
    No future for Syria with a killer dictator

  8. Bolton the dog with a funny moustache wants to be a man now ey?

  9. what a stupid analyse. you will see what turkey will do on coming Tuesday.

  10. Jesus is coming soon. You will be saved if you believe Jesus died for your sins, buried and rose again the third day. ​(Jesus paid the full penalty for your sins) Time is very short!  Accept Jesus as your savior.~☆

  11. Lol, What should expect from those joos slaves?

  12. Look at that dog Bolton putting his hand on Jewish wall. Like God Will bless this filthy war criminals.

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