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🇸🇾 Idlib air raids kill several amid heaviest fighting in months | Al Jazeera English

A Russian-backed Syrian government offensive in the Idlib-Hama front enters its second week. The military escalation in the northwest has killed – according to Syrian Civil Defence, also known as the White Helmets – at least 68 civilians so far, and forced thousands to flee towards the border with Turkey.

Al Jazeera’s Zeina Khodr reports from Beirut.

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  1. After many months of being attacked by jihadist groups the Syrian army strikes back.
    This is not an escalation but responding and shooting back at those who didn't hold on to the escalation agreement.

  2. Really need to get better at CGI on the fake bomb blasts. This is amateur hour here.


  4. Turkey just got one small province in Syria.

  5. Idlib ne peut plus rester un territoire de non droit soumis aux mercenaires et terroristes

  6. Les soi disant civils auraient du partir depuis longtemps ceux qui restent sont des terroristes

  7. Yaşa Esad yanındayız Türk halkı olarak 🇸🇾

  8. Aljazeera the fake news

  9. North Syria need to liberated from Turkish dogs

  10. Assad Kill all the Turkish rats in Syria

  11. Assad's quote, "I love my Syrian people."

  12. Assad sold his soul to stay in power. It didn't work out for him. Russia and Iran are running the show now.

  13. Assad's forces are awaiting there graves if they continue with this.

  14. Notice the "white helmets"?Sure sign of bullshit!

  15. Turkey supports hayiar tahar al sham HTS a terroist group in control of idlib that’s why Syrian army wants to reclaim idlib for the Syrian GOVERNMENT

  16. What ppl? US or Allies ppl?

  17. Terrorist no place to hide

  18. Ál Jazeera are so anti Syria its unbelievable.

  19. What a bizarre reporting. Stop reporting fake news without evidence. Where is the hospital? Where is the school? Terrorists are in idlib and they need to go. Qatar funded ISIS and they are losing grounds, so you are sad.
    Maybe report why Qatar is hosting taliban terrorists?

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