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🇹🇳Tunisia: Protesters clash with police after journalist’s death | Al Jazeera English

In the western city of Kasserine mark mass demonstrations following the funeral of a journalist, who had set himself on fire in protest against unemployment and ailing economy in Tunisia.
Amid violent protests, the journalist’s action mirrors that of a street vendor in 2011 whose death sparked the Arab Spring.

Al Jazeera’s Mereana Hond reports.

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  1. You don't create flourishing by killing yourself and protesting. You do it by working. The government won't solve your problems, you have to solve them yourself.

  2. Things are much quieter here…

  3. Suicide is not the answer.

  4. Get rid of all the islamic terrorists and maybe business will come back.

  5. Pray Salah Five times a day
    And turn towards Allah
    Insa Allah all will be ok 👍
    And on the right path.

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  7. 0:370:39 , you need a PhD. Master degree and bachelor degree are too common these days……………………………… What? i am only saying what people would say.

  8. They thought democracy could fix there nation it takes more then democracy to grow economicly

  9. Kashmiris protests against invaders indian army and irresponsible kashmir police

  10. Arab Spring 2 along with spread of yellow vest protests in Europe on the way i guess!!

  11. الله يفرجها على أخوتنا وأحبابنا التوانسة نحبكم في الله من المغرب الأقصى

  12. Economy is bad evevery …

  13. What a waste of a life. This man is a stupid anarchist. Can the ppl not be grateful for the small things they have. We can't and won't all be rich. No this will lead to many more deaths and instability. Stupid, ignorant, ungrateful human

  14. who burns themselves alive.. arabs

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