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🇹🇷 🇸🇦 Turkey suspects top Saudi diplomats of role in Khashoggi murder | Al Jazeera English

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Pro-government papers in Turkey are raising more questions about the investigation into Saudi journalist Jamal Kashoggi’s murder in the Saudi consulate, especially why Saudi Arabia’s top diplomats in Istanbul are not being questioned.

Turkish prosecutors suspect the consul general and station chief facilitated the murder, but they are not being questioned along with the 18 suspects that Saudi Arabia detained in connection with the killing.

Al Jazeera’s Zeina Khodr reports from Istanbul.

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  1. Have anyone noticed the tall man guarding at the front when Khashoggi enters the consulate. I think he knew what was about to happen to the journalist. Just my suggestion.

  2. You say he was accidently killed then later his body doubled walks out! Conspiracy at the highest level ever!

  3. Those members of Lucifer must be killed ,,the same how they killed Jamal khashoggi,,, people can be lied ,,but I think?the CCTV,,never be lied,,every steps can be seen ,,so stop denying the truth ,,May Allah prevail it soon,,,Ameen.☝☝☝

  4. Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla …….. Money talks. It would be bombarded immediately if the crime was happened at a consulate in Ouagadougou.

  5. Details: pigs called men , hate filled, impotent and crazy , lack any soul ..

    Where are their families. The US should arrest them , and keep them hidden.

  6. Mr bone saw!! bought the 34 dislikes!! Truth hurts!! RIP Kashogi!!

  7. Killed him chopped him and his flesh
    Now Allah saw what you did and he will get revenge on you

  8. Hey MBS, I hope you'll see this message. You think that you really deserve the title of crown prince (King)? But first you have to be a human, and not an animal (applicable JUST if you/he really ordered the killing, etc.).

  9. Ignorant backward savages.

  10. dat credit m

    vmb. ack saudin arabisn biceny giver

  11. misteik kin him provesera. kam cuestiin not. dat

  12. wet. 18 giver. custion. 5. after. giver mobil. dificol ofmy

  13. camin insain sut. gicer. loesr out. loucin olin foot. hamL kin tyrkuan 2. servitor. wet closer

  14. 4. verin anin 1. left. inrag. send. back. saudin by 5. meny. cart. meny. tier. giver. blain not mor

  15. They even behead their own people these guys are the founder of Al Qaeda and Isis and they're USA's best friend. I wonder who took the towers down

  16. I am not saying that Saudi Arabia was not behind it, but it doesn't make sense that they would do all this planning and somehow miss that Khashoggi did not show up the consulate alone. That part does not make sense.

  17. What does not make sense is all these news stories describe how much planning and surveillance of Khashoggi went on leading up to his murder Oct. 2, 2018 but we are supposed to believe that the more than 15 Saudi operatives didn't know that Khashoggi did not show up to the consulate in Turkey alone, that his girlfriend accompanied him there and waited outside? That does not make sense.

  18. These Saudis are truly evil.

  19. He looks guilty 🤦🏽‍♂️

  20. world still waiting to see what action American govt will take against Saudi Arabia

  21. A quant aljeezira en Francais

  22. It is really ironic or what? That MBS instead of give him a gift for his wedding, MBS took his life! So, is he a honourable "Crown Prince" or NOT? Needless to say the answer!

  23. What an impressive corruption!!! Basically, it is absolutely 100% evident that MBS is 100% guilty!!!

  24. Turkey should hold the Consul general of Saudi Arabia as guarantee so that MBS hands over the Assassins to Turkey

  25. RIP my friend God will take care of those criminals 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  26. Kingdom of Saud is a dirty Kafir nation. They did 9/11 in partnership with US, to provide a reason to invade Iraq and destabilize the middle east with the long term goal of $$$ and Control. Now, the US sells war planes and weapons to Saudi Arabia, and pretend that they had nothing to do with 9/11. People are so ignorant and gullible. Someone argue that with me.

  27. all governments kill those who appose. Seth Rich, Kashoggi, same

  28. The next assassination by the Saudis will be aired live on TV lol.

  29. Sure, the “ brilliancy of mastermind” . All what Saudis can do well is how to bribe USA , all of it, including university’s , on unbelievable scale.
    Obviously, to catch the West on their greed, doesn’t need to have much of a brains. Now on one side of the scale is – money and war and atrocities and on another – the morals, Justice , humanity and the peace.
    What it gonna be?!

  30. He's not in the drawer and cupboards? lol

  31. Sad turkey wont release audio tape and expose the prince

  32. How many Saudi Men does it take to change a lightbulb? More then fifteen I'm sure lol

  33. This deplorable act, bad for Saudi House of card .. MBS must be removed from the house ASAP!

  34. We are getting tired of this show. Come on Saudi! Everybody knows by now

  35. No Muslim should go to Saudi and give their money to this savage Saudi family to become so rich can takes any life. Down will Saudi families all savage princess from this family.

  36. king kong salman must hangover

  37. What is Mohammed al Otaibi doing showing a journalist furniture doors for missing Khashoggi? Two things are clear on this; he is in on the cover up or completely incompetent of being Saudi Consul General in Istanbul. A captain not knowing what is going on in his ship should be immediately fired.

  38. This is the cold war all over again, just different actors. Iran trying to murder ex-Iranian in Denmark, Saudi Arabia murdering ex-Saudis in Turkey. Turkey is murdering people from Kurdistan. In these countries, women are murdered and denied their human rights. However, the every day well-used phrase "blame the west", is just an easy ticket out used by their government to hide their own doing in the matter, and no one seems to reflect on the fact that this might just be an easy way for the "men with power" to keep their citizens under their power. It strikes me the majority of the inhabitants in these countries are still uneducated. Well, they can't blame western society for keeping the citizens uneducated.

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